Air India Unveils New Logo and Design

Air India Unveils New Logo and Design

Air India, the airline under the ownership of the Tata Group, revealed its new logo and design on Thursday. As part of its new logo, Air India has retained the red, white, and saffron colors. The new logo is named ‘The Vista’. The airline also unveiled its new tail design and theme song. N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons, stated that the new logo represents boundless possibilities and confidence. Air India presented its new logo during a live event on Thursday evening.

The new logo of Air India is a part of the airline’s new identity and rebranding strategy. During the launch of the new logo, N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons, emphasized that Air India is not just a business for the Tata Group, but a passion, and this passion is a national mission. He mentioned that the journey has begun to transform Air India into a globally recognized aviation company. Chandrasekaran stated, “The new logo you see here today… The Vista is symbolic of boundless possibilities, progress, and confidence.”

Speaking at the event, Chandrasekaran mentioned that Air India has embarked on its rebranding journey with boundless possibilities and confidence. He stated that over the past 15 months, they aim to make Air India the world’s best aviation company in terms of experience, technology, customer service, and services. In the last 12 months, they have improved all dimensions of the airline.

The new logo and branding mark a significant step for Air India as it aims to reposition itself in the aviation industry and present a refreshed identity to its customers and stakeholders.

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