After the argument, the enraged judge shot his wife; 47 guns and 26,000 rounds of ammunition were recovered from the house.

After the argument, the enraged judge shot his wife; 47 guns and 26,000 rounds of ammunition were recovered from the house.

A minor argument between a husband and wife in America escalated into a violent dispute. Jeffrey Ferguson and his wife Cheryl were dining out when a sudden disagreement arose between them. Upon returning home, the argument continued and escalated further. A person under the influence of alcohol got angry and shot his wife. It’s worth noting that Jeffrey is a judge in the Orange County Superior Court in California.

Argument on August 3rd

The incident took place on a Tuesday, and was heard in a court. During the proceeding, Christopher Alex, the Deputy District Attorney for Orange County, explained to the court that Jeffrey Ferguson and his wife Cheryl had gone to a restaurant near their home to have a meal, where an argument began. This argument occurred on August 3rd. During this argument, the judge mimicked pulling a gun and pointed his finger at his wife.

Upon returning home, 65-year-old Cheryl Ferguson reportedly said, ‘Why didn’t you pull a real gun on me?’. The judge then drew his pistol and shot her in the finger. Later, she phoned 911, informing a paramedic that she had been shot by her husband. When an officer asked if he had discharged a weapon, he replied that he didn’t want to discuss it.

Message Sent to Colleagues

It was further revealed in court that after hanging up the phone, the judge sent a message to his court clerk and bailiff, stating, ‘I just lost my wife. I shot her. I won’t be coming in tomorrow. I’ll be in custody. I’m very sorry.’

Dozens of Guns Found

When the police were informed, they arrived at the judge’s house and found that the woman had died due to a gunshot wound to her chest. There were dozens of guns and 26,000 rounds of ammunition present in the house. A search revealed 47 firearms, all of which were legally owned. The police stated that when 72-year-old Ferguson was arrested, he emitted a strong odor of alcohol. He allegedly said to the police, ‘Okay, I guess I did what I needed to do for a while.’

Denial of Murder

However, on Tuesday, Ferguson, who has been a judge since 2015, appeared in court and denied the charge of murder. The court released Ferguson on bail and ordered him not to drink alcohol. The accused is due back in court on October 30th. Meanwhile, his attorney Paul Meyer told reporters outside the court that they want to clarify that this is not a crime. It happened unintentionally.

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