After Rain, Blocked Roads Cause Hardships in Almora District

After Rain, Blocked Roads Cause Hardships in Almora District

Almora: The aftermath of heavy rainfall in the district has led to blocked roads, causing significant difficulties for the residents. Landslides and boulders have obstructed five roads in the area, completely cutting off access to 22 villages. This predicament has posed considerable challenges for a population of around six thousand.

Following the rain, the roads of Peepna Manhait-Dangula, Dhouladevi-Kheti, Hinola Kaane-Khalpati, Dhudhnia Bisht-Sunagari, and Khida-Khajurani have been completely impassable due to the presence of debris and boulders. As a result, over 22 villages have been effectively isolated, affecting more than six thousand people. The rural residents are finding it extremely difficult to venture outside their villages. Many are forced to make the arduous journey on foot between landslides and boulders in order to reach markets and hospitals.

The disaster management department is in the process of clearing the roads and has claimed that the roads will be reopened soon. Vinay Pal, District Disaster Management Officer, stated that efforts are underway to remove the debris and clear the roads, with the involvement of the local government. The process of clearing the roads is expected to commence shortly.

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