Foreign Delegations Arrive in Delhi for G20 Summit Amidst Tight Security Measures

Foreign Delegations Arrive in Delhi for G20 Summit Amidst Tight Security Measures

Delhi Police has faced significant logistical challenges in handling the caravans of foreign delegates arriving for the G20 Summit. Both the United States and China engaged in negotiations about the number of vehicles accompanying their respective presidents, opting to determine the count themselves. The United States specified that President Joe Biden’s convoy would consist of 80 vehicles. Similarly, when determining the route for China’s President Xi Jinping, they initially requested a convoy of 60 vehicles.

Delhi Police assured them that they would have robust security arrangements in place, emphasizing that no harm would come to any convoy, whether on the ground or in the air. From the ground to the skies, thorough security measures have been implemented. Delhi Traffic Police explained that accommodating such a large number of vehicles in the motorcade of a president would lead to delays in reaching the specified locations within the allotted time frame. Subsequently, both countries agreed to reduce the number of vehicles in their convoys.

A Total of 32 Caravans for Foreign Delegates

Sources suggest that a total of 32 caravans will be arriving in Delhi for participation in the G20 Summit. The United States specified that their president’s convoy would have a minimum of 80 vehicles, and China initially requested a convoy of around 60 vehicles. This demand presented a logistical challenge to the Indian government and especially to Delhi Police. The Ministry of External Affairs helped persuade the delegates to reduce the number of vehicles.

Delhi Traffic Police also referred to the traffic schedule, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the allotted time frames for heads of state and prime ministers to reach their designated places. After negotiations, the United States agreed to have a smaller motorcade with fewer than 80 vehicles.

China’s Convoy with Approximately 60 Vehicles

China was the next to determine its convoy size, although President Xi Jinping will not be attending the summit. China had initially requested a convoy of nearly 60 vehicles. The Indian government advised them to keep the convoy size between 25 to 30 vehicles. Delhi Police assured that robust security measures were in place. The traffic schedule was also referenced.

Despite this, China continued to maintain a convoy with more than 40 vehicles. Now, since the Prime Minister of China is attending, their motorcade has been reduced to approximately half. Turkey and France were also asked to keep convoys with around two dozen vehicles. The European Union is following a similar protocol. The United Kingdom did not request a large convoy. It is worth noting that for the security of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, several teams have arrived in Delhi from the UK. Russian President Putin was initially set to attend the G20 but later declined. However, Russia’s Foreign Minister will participate in the summit.

Various Delegations from Different Countries Have Arrived in Delhi

According to sources within Delhi Police, the United States, among other countries, arrived in Delhi with a convoy of nearly 60 vehicles, consisting of President Joe Biden’s motorcade, US Secret Service teams, and additional vehicles carrying equipment and administrative staff. India’s government has leased 20 bulletproof limousines at a cost of 18 crore rupees (approximately 2.5 million USD). Furthermore, for the convenience of foreign delegates, arrangements have been made for more than three hundred luxury cars, including Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, Audi, BMW, and others. These vehicles will be a part of President Biden’s motorcade, along with numerous American cars.

As the G20 Summit kicks off, Delhi Police is working diligently to ensure the security and logistical needs of all participating nations are met, facilitating smooth proceedings during this international event.

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