Yahoo’s Testing New Site Design

Tamar found an Interesting article at reuters, According to the article Yahoo is doing an overhaul of its homepage.

According to Yahoo, Just 15% of the users were able to see the new design.

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Yahoo SERP’s Update For September 2008

After August update, according to a WebmasterWorld Thread, Yahoo !! Had recently changed there algorithm and looks like most of the webmasters are happy with this update and are getting some decent traffic into there websites.

Many webmasters claimed 80% – 50% increase in there traffic. However, Yahoo !! haven’t officially announced something about this update.

Please post your comment if u have seen nykind of update in you yahoo !! rankings.

Yahoo! Site Explorer Gets New Features

Yahoo!! Search Blog announced some new interface with more dynamic features.

The new design boosts a new Site Summary page providing interesting statistics for sites that have been authenticated with Yahoo!! Site Explorer and have some more advanced features including but not limited to:

  1. Site URL.
  2. Number of known pages.
  3. Number of crawled pages.
  4. Number of host on this domain.
  5. Number of inlinks.
  6. Number of inlink domains.
  7. Number of outlinks.
  8. Number of outlink domains.

Dynamic URL Rewriting rules has been increased from 3 to 10.

Here’s an image of the new interface as well:

More features can be seen at:

Yahoo Site Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer

Reported by: Barry and Tamar.

Yahoo Buzz Now Open For All Publishers

Yahoo Buzz, is now open to all publishers. Yahoo announced that any Yahoo user can now “buzz up” any content from any publisher on the Web.

Yahoo buzz, was launched in feb this year but was limited to 100 publishers as beta testing was going on, Later they accepted few more publishers. According to Yahoo!! they have about 5Million users participated at Yahoo!! Buzz, Now anyuser can submitt content from net at Yahoo Buzz.

If you are a publisher then you can get your button from here and If you want to submitt content then you can do that from here.

Google, Yahoo disclosed terms of ad pact

Barry found this reported at Reuters, Google and Yahoo!! have disclosed parts of their ad pact. The details, which were filed with SEC, “take the unusual step of disclosing the contract governing the partnership, but leave out any financial terms, such as the revenue split on their deal.”

The article states that a number of people are upset by the possible partnership, especially since this will give the Google empire control of 90% of the search market. However, the article later states that Google and Yahoo wants to emphasize that this is a non-exclusive agreement “in which Yahoo is effectively contracting with Google to sell ads alongside a portion of its search results.” This positions Yahoo to focus on its stronger suits.

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Yahoo!! To Give Users Option About Choosing Custom Ads

Yahoo!! Will be allowing its users to customize advertising on its website by the end of August, providing its users with the ability to control their privacy online following a congressional probe into potential privacy problems stemming from companies that tailor Internet advertising to consumers’ Web surfing.

Web sites like Yahoo and Google track users’ searches on their own Web sites to produce relevant ads. More recently, some cable Internet providers have experimented with a Web advertising service that tracks people’s activity on multiple Web sites. That service was the subject of a recent committee hearing.

Yahoo’s new opt-out capability will be available by the end of August and expands the company’s existing opt-out program for customized advertising on third-party networks.

Source: CNN