Yahoo Improves Relevancy Of Ads For Publisher Network

According to Yahoo!! Official Search Marketing Blog, they have improved the quality and relevancy of their ads in Yahoo! Publisher Network.

YahooPete, The official forum representative posted and informed webmasters regarding this improvement at various webmaster forums including – WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint Forums and Search Engine Watch Forums with details.

According to YahooPere, New technology is already live and you can start taking advantage of it from the moment now.

Just create a Content Match Campaign Keeping in mind below basic guidelines while setting up your campaign:

  • Create Content Match-only campaigns to manage bids and budgets separately from Sponsored Search.
  • See how much you can afford. If you add a Content Match campaign, you may need to adjust your spending limits accordingly.
  • Write specific ads and have targeted keywords for your Content Match ads, so that the ads appear only in the type of content where you want them.

Google and Yahoo to Delay Ad Deal

Both Yahoo!! and Google had agreed to delay there Yahoo and Google Ad Deal, the main reason behind the delay is because thay want to give Justice Department some more time to investigate its antitrust implications.

The deal calls for Google to place ads alongside some search results on Yahoo.

Critics of the deal fear it will lead to higher prices for paid search advertising, while Google-Yahoo contend the arrangement will enable Yahoo to deliver more relevant ads.

Yahoo! To Help Mumbai Cops Against Terror

Yahoo Corporation which used to employ one of the alleged terrorists of terror group Indian Mujahideen, has finally agreed to cooperate with the Mumbai police, after its employee was arrested for allegedly sending terror e-mails for the Indian Mujahideen.

Yahoo will provide vital information about the accused of sending terror emails on behalf of the Indian Mujahideen, Mohammed Mansoor Asghar Peerbhoy.

Looks like a noble step from Yahoo! To Fight Against Terror !!

Yahoo News Beta Testing Its New Design

According to a post at TechCrunch, Yahoo News with over 44 million unique visitors a month is testing new design, Looks like they aee trying to Know If a user is getting bored easily or not.

According to Alan Warms, Yahoo’s VP GM of News, this feature incorporates the Buzztracker technology that Yahoo acquired last year.

This beta version have some interesting features like from where the user is originated, Like if a reader is coming from Digg or Yahoo Buzz, only five paragraphs of their news stories will be shown initially, with the related links prominently featured (Yahoo figures that these readers are more likely to click through to new stories, and are less concerned with reading the full article).

However, Readers who visit Yahoo News directly will be shown the full articles by default, and there will be an option for all readers to automatically show full articles.

Looks like a great move to me !!

Yahoo!! Introduced New Site Explorer Design

Looks like Yahoo Site Explorer has pushed there beta design to everyone,  The new design have some additional features including but not limited to:

  • Site URL.
  • Number of pages known.
  • Number of pages crawled.
  • Number of host on this domain.
  • Number of inlinks.
  • Number of inlink domains.
  • Number of outlinks.
  • Number of outlink domains.

Looks like a nice move from Yahoo!! This new release have a new look + some more additional and helpful features.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

Yahoo SERP’s Update Towards The End Of September ?

I was shocked when webmasters started reporting about Major update in yahoo SERP’s at WebmasterWorld & DigitalPoint Forums later on confirmed by Barry at search engine land, Usually Yahoo!! used to update SERP’s the the begining of every month. Like we just had One Update at the beigining of this month.

However, Yahoo Search Blog haven’t confirmed about this situation but lets wish they do some official comment about this update.