What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

At its most basic level, Affiliate Marketing is nothing more than commission based sales. It really isn’t any different than when you go down to your local furniture store to buy a new sofa and you have three different sales people come over to see if you need any help.

Are they really that interested in helping you?

At some level yes, but for the most part they want to be the one who makes the sale to you because their paycheck is based on how many sofas they can sell this week.  In affiliate marketing on the internet you are like that salesman and whatever product you decide to promote is like that sofa, someone else made it, someone else will provide the customer support, but your paycheck depends on how many of them you can get people to buy.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way for new marketers to start making money on the internet.  It is the easiest, and possibly the best way for most marketers, for three very important reasons.

First, the marketer doesn’t have any of the headaches associated with the creation of a product.  The product has already been created by someone else, leaving you with no production costs, no storage costs, and no overhead on a storefront.  All you have to do is get people to look at it and buy it in order to earn your commission.

Second, there aren’t any customer service issues to deal with.  If someone buys the product and has a problem of any kind with it, they go to the product owner with those problems.  Not having to deal with customer service is a huge bonus associated with the affiliate marketing business.

And third, an affiliate marketing business can be started on a shoestring with very little capital.  The only expense to get started is a domain name and hosting account.  Both of those can be gotten very inexpensively, even for free if you are are extremely strapped for cash.

To get started in affiliate marketing is a quick five step process.

  • Step one, setup a website or blog.
  • Step two, put some niche content on that site.
  • Step three, find an affiliate program that matches the niche of your site.
  • Step four, put your affiliate link on the site.
  • Step five, send traffic to the site.

That’s it, just 5 easy steps.  You could have an affiliate site set up to make you money in less than an hour.  But don’t let the simplicity fool you.  Affiliate marketing is still a business like any other.  It will require work on your part in order to produce the income you desire.  You should always be looking for ways to improve your business.


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