Weekly Search Buzz (25 Aug 08)

Firstly, My appology for not able to post this on sunday, I know many subscribers who are just subscribed to this weekly feeds must be angry on me … :-)

This week was exiting and was really intresting, as this week we had some intresting findings and discussion.

Here are some of the hot topics on my blog:

Google Still Playing With AdSense Ad Fonts: Looks like the Google Test is not yet over and they are still playing with Google Adsense Ad Fonts.

Google Updating SERP’s: Looks like Google Dance is going on, As many webmasters ove DigitalPoint repoted that there websites are flying up and down sometimes from page 50 to page one and for sometime Page one to 100+.

Yahoo Buzz Now Open For All Publishers: Yahoo Buzz, is now open to all publishers. Yahoo announced that any Yahoo user can now “buzz up” any content from any publisher on the Web.

Wan’t To Exchange Links With Google ?: Someone created Link Exchange thread over Official Google Webmaster Help Forums asking for reciprocal links.

9 Simple Video Search Engine Optimization Techniques, By: Gregory Markel: According to Gregory Markel, Video Search Engine Optimization is extremely popular as web2.0 is growing fast, It’s helpful for branding and reputation management.

Google Testing New Adsense Style: Looks like the Adsense test is going on. However, I haven’t noticed any major effect on my CTR may be because of much Tech-Savy users on my blog !!

Global Search for the B2B SEM, SES San Jose 2008: For more then 10 Good reasons, I have some great interest in B2B industry. Here is the Live Coverage from SEM San Jose 2008 in the Session Global Search for the B2B SEM, This is orignally covered and Posted by Virginia Nussey at Bruceclay.

Rediff No.1 Local Indian Search Brand: According to the latest comScore release, Google search share in India is 81.4%, with over 1 billion searches conducted in June and Rediff.com Ranked as Top Local Indian Search Brand with over 18 Million Searches last month.

Internet Explorer 8 Is Now Available With Privacy Mode: Often called porn mode or secret mode, There are few names given to this. The latest version of the Apple Safari browser already has this mode and it works well on Apple OS.

Anchor Text, No-More Important For Organic Rankings ?: I think something was Going on about this since the starting of august, As after the Google Update for August webmasters continue reporting about major loss in there rankings … and everyone was confused about this situation.

Yahoo! Site Explorer Gets New Features: The new design boosts a new Site Summary page providing interesting statistics for sites that have been authenticated with Yahoo!! Site Explorer and have some more advanced features.

Google Integrating AdSense Click Tracking Data into Google Analytics: If you are using Google Adsense then a Good news for you. Google is soon going to Integrate Google Adsense Click Tracking Data into Google Analytics.

Toolbar PR Update For Aug 2008 ?: Its confirmed there was a minor update last week :-).

Here are some of the topics hot on other blogs in search industry this week:

Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2008: So what did you miss this week? All in all, the 4 days were packed with great informative sessions and seroundtable have the liveblogs for you:

Well thats all for this week. Will bring more next week :-) Till then enjoy !!

Weekly Search Buzz (17 Aug 08)

This week was slow as compared to earlier weeks, Here are some of the topics hot this week on my blog:

Western Union Now A Payment Option For Google Adsense: Google Adsense has introduced Western Union as a payment option for Bulgaria, Egypt, Lithuania, Morocco and Taiwan.

Google, Yahoo disclosed terms of ad pact.

Google Launched Adsense For Feeds: So finally they launched adsense for feeds, But will this really going to help us ? As we all know that peoples who use feed readers are tech-savvy !!

T-Mobile To Be First Carrier For Android: Google has officially confirmed the phone is coming this year.

Google, Yahoo And Microsoft Got A Notice From Indian Supreme Court: The Supreme Court of India issued a notice to the Centre, Google India, Yahoo India and Microsoft Corporation on a petition seeking a ban on popular online search engines promoting sex selection techniques.

Some resources written by me today:

Magic Of External Links.
Trick To Allow Specific IP To View A Web Page.

Some other topics hot on other Blogs this week:

Google Shuts Down FeedBurner’s Ad Network (FAN): This week, Barry spotted the thread where Google announced the end of Feedburner’s Advertising Network.

How a Search Engine Might Handle Singular and Plural Queries: When you’re searching for something on the Web, does it matter whether you use the singular or plural version of a word in your search?

Bloggers Selling ‘Sex’ Like Prostitutes: Worth reading.

iPhone Search Result Optimization Tip #1: Phone Numbers in Meta Tags: Are iPhone type PDAs the way of the future. Will most searches be performed from such devices?

Does PDF metadata have any significant effect on ranking in Google search results? : PDFs in Google Search Results Showing Author & Cited in Description Snippets.

Teaching Advanced Link Building and Why Pagerank Will Never Die: One of the difficult things of trying to share ideas, or teach a concept to large group of people is the different levels everyone is at.

Word Visualization on Search Marketing Blogs: Lee Odden writes “Lists and ranking resources can be tough and controversial. A while back we ranked top blogs on the topic of search engine marketing (SEO and PPC) that publish their RSS subscriber counts via Google’s Feedburner.

Well thats all i loved this week, will share more next week :-)

Weekly Search Buzz (10 Aug 08)

Here are the collection of links hot this week in the search market,

Hot On My blog:

Major Changes In Yahoo SERP’s – Yahoo!! did some marjot changes in its SERP’s, Without any priour notice letting everyone wonder whats happening.

Another CashBack Live Search Promotion – Microsoft announced another cashback Live search promotion :-).

SERP’s For Gmail 302 Hijacked – Looks like, 302 Attacks are back again .. this time it was no one other then gMail itself which was 302 Hijacked into Google SERP’s.

Google Redirects IP Based Data Center Searches To Google.com – Google redirected its IP based Datacenter Searches to Google.Com

Google Insights Search Launched – Again a Good news for Advertisers and Marketers, Google launched Insights Search.

Case Sensitive SERP’s, at Google ? – I Bellieve this is not new thing, Looks like soon everyone will start something similar with almost every SERP’s.

Google AdWords Schedules DowntimeGoogle AdWords will be unavailable on August 9th between 10AM and 2PM PDT on Saturday, August 9th, from approximately 10:00am to 2:00pm PDT.

Google Sold Performics To French Company – Finally Google SOLD Performics the SEO Division of Double Click to a French Company.

WebPosition Ranking Software Blocked By Google – Looks like Google had finally done something about this tool.

Major Updates In Google SERP’s For August – Google did major updates for August. Hope you all guys will be happy with this Update :-)

Google Not Crawling Custom Domains Based On Blogspot – Looks like the last date Google Bot crawled Custom Domains based on blogspot on 30th July 2008. This Might be a Bud as the robots.txt is unreadable for crawlers and webmasters don’t have any acess to edit this.

Now AdSense Features With DoubleClick Cookies – Google Blog announced some key enhancements that Google Adsense will now be offering a better experience for users and better value for advertisers and publishers, with the help of the technology they have acquired with DoubleClick.

Yahoo!! To Give Users Option About Choosing Custom Ads Yahoo!! Will be allowing its users to customize advertising on its website by the end of August.

Hot on other Blogs this week:

Advertisers Are Happy But Scared Over New Google and DoubleClick Cookie Tracking.
Searching For Olympics News And Video.
StumbleUpon is Finally Removing the 200 Friend Fan Limit.
SEO Have A Bright Future According To Google Insights.
New Features at Mixx – Nested Comments, Domain Endorsing & More.
How relevant is Cuil?.
Google Upgrades Webmaster Central to Handle More Sitemap Types.

Well guys thats all for this week, I will try to give more next week :-)
2 much tired as of now, Was not able to sleep last night .. :-( Some personal probs … Gonna have a beer now 😀 , Yummmmmmmmmmy !!

Weekly Search Buzz (03 Aug 08)

This week was Gud enuff as compared to the last week … however the search market was like cook this week with the launch of Cuil.com and everyone was busy talking about it …

Here are the hot topics this week on My Blog:

Google No-More Interested in Digg – We had a discussion earlier this week on Google to buy Digg for $200 Million, Seems like Google had walked away from this deal.

Cuil Goes Offiline – The new search engine Cuil.com, which was believed to be a new competitor for Google went offline just after the few hours of its release. Seems like it got lil-bit more traffic then expected !!

Yahoo!! Improved Search Add Performance Report – The Yahoo Search Marketing Blog announced they have improved the Ad Performance Reports to include a few new columns.

Google Going To Do Some Changes In Its Design Of Search Listing Pages ? – Some wired images in Google Search.

I Did a post, Yes, Backlinks are The Most Important Factor for Organic Rankings, I saw a post from Barry, Where Barry said a post from Shimon Sandler is controversial. I’m sure Barry is aware of the fact that Backlinks are really one of the most important factors for organic rankings.

Tool To Find PR Of All The Pages Of Your Website – Sometimes your internal pages have more PR then that of the homepage. Now the Question arise how to findout which page have how much PageRank ?

Del.licio.us Now Delicious.com, With Lots of Improvements – Delicious has now relaunched and moved under Delicious.com with lots of new Improvements.

New Favicon For Google Analytics – So finally after the suggestion from Michael Gray, Google had finally changed its favicon for Google Analytics.

Google To Provide More Transparency In Customized Search Results – Google had officially announced a new feature in its Google Web Search that will help a user to understand how there search results are already customized.

Google Testing “Related” Links Under Individual Search Listings – Google experiments are going on, This time another new experiment Related Links under Individual Search Listings.

Google To Add Titles To Web-Pages With Missing Titles in their SERPs – Seems like Google is going to add Automatic relevant Title’s according to the content of the page into its search Index.

Here are the hot topics this week on Other Blogs:

Microsoft Live Gets Redesigned.
How Cuil Is The SEO Industry?.
5 Powerful Local Search Marketing Tactics: My SMX Local 2008 Presentation
An Engaging Collection Of Links – This Month In SEO – 7/08.
Google Knol – Google’s Latest Attack on Copyright.
Google Suggests Disabled Dating Clubs For Cheap Dates.
Google AdWords Dropping Average Position From Content Network?.
Google AdWords Search updated its desgin.
Google Webmaster Tools May Report 404 Errors that Don’t Exist.
StumbleUpon Ratings Can Now Be Seen in Yahoo Results.
Reddit & Digg Launch Mobile Versions.

Google Analytics Has Bugs Too – Some Google Analytics reports have come in that confirm that some people cannot log into their accounts due to redirect issues. Additionally, people have seen errors that the tracking code is not installed on their site (even though it is). Finally, there are reports of duplicate cities in the reporting.

Introducing the New Froogle Performance Dashboard – Google have finally released a new Froogle Performance Tool which shows a host of useful data about your Froogle impressions, clicks and feed items.

Thats all of this week, If you wan’t to suscribe to a specific category on my blog then this post will be helpful. Will post more Next Week 😉

Weekly Search Buzz (27 July 08)

This week was like a bad week with a bad ending !! There were many bomb blast Eight Blast at Bangalore and on the other day 17 Blasts at Ahmedabad Killing over 40-45 peoples and more then 50 injured. The situation is still critical and at th time of writing this post 3-4 more bombs have been discovered and difused.

About Hot This Month On This Blog:

Yahoo!! Introduced SiteLinks – After Google its Yahoo!! This time. It is not necessary if u have SiteLinks with Google then you will get them with Yahoo!! and Live.

Google Gift – Google have Special Gift for you if you are a Advertiser for more then 6Years.

Google Bot Can Read Upto 76 Characters Of A Title Tag – According to the latest experiment I did on TitleTags, Google can read Upto 76 characters of a Title Tag.

Google to Buy Digg for $200 million – Google is going to buy Digg for $200 Million.

Yahoo to Close Its Ambassador ProgramYahoo!! is going To discontinue Its Ambassador Program as on September 30, 2008.

Pagerank and Backlinks are now finally Updated !! – Good news for all Pagerank Lovers .. 😉

Google Updated Its Cached Page Design – In this new feature they have Removed iFrame from the page. I liked this new design in personal as this is neat and clean !!

Microsoft Introduced Browser Rank – Seems like Google PageRank Killer has arrived, Microsoft announced its new tool something similar to Google PageRank called BrowseRank.

Microsoft Becomes Official Apache SponsorMicrosoft has agreed to provide monetary and technical support to the Apache Software Foundation, an open source effort that promotes community-built tools and services.

Here are the other topics hot in other blogs this week:

Google Launches Knol: Project Wikipedia
Google Maps Now Has Walking Directions

That’s all of this week, Will be posting more next week :-)

Weekly Search Buzz (20 July 08)

Okay so here are the Search Buzz for this Week !! Here are the list of stories hot in my blog this week:

Google Trifecta:
For those who missed Google Trifecta: Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Website Optimizer. The archive for google trifecta is now available to download.

Winners for SearchMonkey Developer Challenge:
Yahoo!! has finally announced the winners of the SearchMonkey Developer Challenge. Check the Winners of the SearchMonkey Developer Challenge.

Google Expands Edit My Search Results Feature:
Ever heard of Google’s like and don’t like feature ? Something like DIGG .. a system where you can choose and customize your own SERP’s ? Check out Google Expands Edit My Search Results Feature ?.

Major Updates in Google SERP’s:
Many webmasters at DigitalPoint have reported Some major traffic loss in there websites. Many Webmasters reported that they lost getting traffic from there old keywords and getting traffic from some new keywords.

Google is verifying its local search results:
I got ranked #1 for Search Engine Optimization Delhi and wrote how to rank for local search at google. The time i made that posting there were 10 Results from Local now there is just one result thats me .. is it because they are removing the listings they are not able to contact ?

Here are the other topics hot in other blogs this week:

Google Shares its Ranking Technologies:
The official Google Blog had a post about the technologies that are behind the Google ranking, following up from a post about how Google ranks results.

Google AdWords Deep Targeting:
This week, the Google AdWords team announced that you can include keywords and placements in a single campaign type instead of creating separate campaigns. Doing this “combine[s] the benefits of contextual targeting with placement targeting,” according to Google.

Lawsuit for Google AdWords over Parked Domains:
While Google AdWords made strides this week, a lawyer is suing Google over a little more than $100 because he had AdSense on parked domains. Um, yeah.

So thats all for this week will update more next week 😉 Happy weekend :-) I have to go outside to check if my car is fixed or not .. LOL .. hehe