Weekly Search Buzz (31 Aug 08)

This week I was busy with my personal stuff and was busy with setting up a Office for my company at gurgaon, Delhi-NCR.

Okay here are the hot topic this week on my blog:

Google Suggest Feature Now At Google.com: After lots of testing Google Suggest is finally coming to Google.com, With the help of this feature when you start to type in the search box.

Google Confirms Edit My Search Feature: Google officially Confirmed about Edit My Search Experiment, This experiment lets user to comment on search results and move them around on the result page.

Microsoft Updates adCenter keyword research tool: Microsoft adCenter blog, officially announced about the redesigned of there keyword research tool according to The adCenter blog this tool will help Advertisers more efficiently in finding the right keywords and plan campaigns in adCenter.

Google Continues New Experiments With SERP’s: How about If Google will have Just 7 organic results a page ? Yes this is true and Google is testing something similar.

Google To Display Adword Under Search Results ?: Looks like google is testing something to display ads under its Organic Search Results, This is not new and was noticed earlier in 2005.

Here are some of the post hot in other search industry blog:

Digital Point’s Shawn Hogan Sued for Cookie Stuffing: Three men defrauded eBay in a “cookie stuffing” scheme that made it appear the men’s companies should be paid commissions, eBay claims in Federal Court. It sued Shawn Hogan and Digital Point Solutions, Todd Dunning and Kessler’s Flying Circus, and Brian Dunning and Thunderwood Holdings.

‘Googlebomb’ blows up in Daily Mail hack’s face: A journalist at British paper the Daily Mail wrote a piece about what she thought was a case of Googlebombing. It wasn’t. But now the journalist in question is (kind of) a victim of a Googlebomb herself.

Google AdSense Stops Displaying on Google Cache Results?: A WebmasterWorld thread reports that many publishers have started to notice that their Google AdSense ads are not showing up when someone accesses their pages via the Google cache.

John Andrews Is Going to Work for Google: Effective 9/1/2008, John Andrews will be working for Google. He explains why in his post.

Well thats all for this week, will bring more next week :-) Have a nice weekend .. wana join me for a beer .. hun .. ?? hehe

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