Weekly Search Buzz (01 Oct 08)

Oh Guys !! I know its a Month now since I updated this weekly section, My Appology for this. Believe m bad at managing time .. and as a result I didn’t got time for a update last month .. however I was available for updates on weekdays … We’ll here are some of the hot stories and articles hot this week including in my bolg and round the search industry .. I hope u guys will enjoy reading this.

Here are the stories hot on my blog this week:

Google Testing Snippets Size in SERP’s: Looks like Google is testing and allowing users to set the size of the search result snippet.

Yahoo!! SERP’s Update for October: Update for Oct are here and webmasters started reposting about this from September 29th, Looks strange but it was an update for October.

Google Toolbar 5 Available For Download: So finally the version is available for Firefox Lovers.

Google Limits Webmaster Tool To 500 Websites: Do you have more then 500 websites and wan’t to use Google Webmaster tool for all of them ? Its not possible so you have to make multiple accounts if u have more websites.

Google Translated URL’s For Landing Pages At AdWords ?: The Google AdWords system automatically flags destination URLs that start with Google domains, which is unfortunate in the case of translated sites because it’s actually your site and not a Google property.

Google Blog Search Re-Designed With News Front Page: The new design show’s categories on the left hand side of the Google Blog Search website organizing blog posts within categories into a clusters, which is basically groupings of related posts about the event or the story.

Search Google As It Was in 2001: In honour to Google’s 10th birthday, Google brought back there oldest available index archive.

Google SERPs Update For October 2008: Looks like some major update in Google SERP’s for October, Many webmasters reported some major fluctuations in there search engine rankings and traffic this week.

Yahoo!! Introduced New Site Explorer Design: Looks like a nice move from Yahoo!! This new release have a new look + some more additional and helpful features.

Yahoo News Beta Testing Its New Design: Looks like Yahoo!! is much concerned about its users and started working on the user end.

Well thats all for this week will update more from monday !! Enjoy Reading !!

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