Weekly SEO and Search Buzz (2 Oct 08)

It was diwali and Halloween this week and nearly everyone in the industry was busy with the prepration of the festivals, I hope you all guys must have enjoyed this week.

Here are some Hot Topics this week on my blog:

Some hot topic on other search engine blogs and sites:

Will be back with some good updates and some valuable resources on Monday. Till then enjoy 😉

Weekly Search Buzz (27 Oct 08)

My Appology, not able to provide you guys with much updates this week as its a Festival season and I was busy with some of my personal stuff and few travel clients !

However, here are few updates i posted this week on my blog:

Some hot topics this week on other blogs:

Well thats all for this week will catch u guys later 😉 Happy Diwali and a New Year to all of you !!

Weekly Search Buzz (19 Oct 08)

Festivals are near and we already have some guests at my place and soon we gona have a big party, Yooo !! This week apart from providing you guys with some real hot search updates i provided with some really informative and usefull articles and resources .. From now I will try to bring 3-4 informative articles every week.

Here are some of the resources this week:

Well here are some of the hot topic on my blog this week:

Here are some of the Hot Topics on other search blogs and sites:

Best Article of This Week:

Weekly Search Buzz (12 Oct 08)

After a month today m available for a timely weekly buzz, This week was intresting and we had some new findings this week .. well here are some of the hot stories on this blog:

Change In Google’s Algorithm – Anchor Text Again Important: Earlier we discussed about Change in Google’s Algorithm where Anchor Text was considered Less Important and Patrick did a great post at BlogStrom in August about the situation.

Did I Got a Google Penalty ? Do I Require a Reinclusion Request?: A Great question Did I Got a Google Penalty ? Do I Require a Reinclusion Request ?

10 Effective Uses For Google Trends: There are probably 101 applications for the data that can be extracted from Google trends but here are 10 that could easily be applied to help in business and marketing planning.

Google Rolls Back PageRank Update For September 2008: Looks like Google Rolled back its PR update last week, Many webmasters over DigitalPoint reporting this sice Saturday.

Yahoo! To Help Mumbai Cops Against Terror: Yahoo Corporation which used to employ one of the alleged terrorists of terror group Indian Mujahideen, has finally agreed to cooperate with the Mumbai police, after its employee was arrested for allegedly sending terror e-mails for the Indian Mujahideen.

New Google SMS Channel For India: So, If you’re from India, and wan’t to suscribe my Feeds and Updates from your Mobile you can do that without spending penny ..  Yes! You can now subscribe My Feeds via SMS, using Google’s SMS channels in India.

Google Testing Thumbnails In SERP’s: Looks like Google is testing Thumbnails in SERP’s, Just got a screen shot from one of our visitor who reported thumbnails in Google SERP’s.

Hey MattCutts Ru Hacked ?: Lol, No not this time .. actually he got unexpected amount of visitors from Digg.com and as a result his bog went offline for few hours.

YouTube Adds Audio Preview: A good news for all Youtube fan’s, Now you can hear comments posted on the video’s.

Firefox User Gain Geo-Location Tool: Mozilla Firefox has released a new technology which will help websites to detect the physical location of computers.

Google and Yahoo to Delay Ad Deal: Both Yahoo!! and Google had agreed to delay there Yahoo and Google Ad Deal, the main reason behind the delay is because thay want to give Justice Department some more time to investigate its antitrust implications.

Here are some of the hot stories round the search industry this week:

Make Money from Google Maps with AdSense: So you’re searching for something and find it using Google Maps. You may also find another targeted result that you never anticipated due to Google AdSense’s integration into Google Maps. Who didn’t see that coming?

Yahoo Rolls out Web Analytics: Sometime in May, Yahoo has acquired a web service company called IndexTools. Now, several months after Yahoo is making use of their acquisition with a new service Web Analytics for Business websites.

Google Confirms RSS for Web Search Results: After resisting for many years, Google are going to provide RSS for their main search results. SearchEngineLand get the scoop.

SEOmoz Announced Index of the Web and the Launch of there Linkscape Tool: Exciting new features at SEOmoz, including an Index of the World Wide Web (30 Billion pages and growing!), the Linkscape Tool (extensive link data based on own index), a fresh design and a comic book.

Directory Links Next? Google Drops Yahoo & ODP Directory from Guidelines: Google has removed the suggestion to add your site to relevant directories such as ODP or Yahoo.

Who Coined The Term SEO?: Someone’s trying to trademark the term SEO, which has roiled the SEO community. The someone is named Jason Gambert and he has persistently filed with the Patent and Trademark Office, claiming to have coined the term “SEO”.

Well thats all for this week … I will be back with more stories from money .. enjoy .. 😉

Weekly Search Buzz (01 Oct 08)

Oh Guys !! I know its a Month now since I updated this weekly section, My Appology for this. Believe m bad at managing time .. and as a result I didn’t got time for a update last month .. however I was available for updates on weekdays … We’ll here are some of the hot stories and articles hot this week including in my bolg and round the search industry .. I hope u guys will enjoy reading this.

Here are the stories hot on my blog this week:

Google Testing Snippets Size in SERP’s: Looks like Google is testing and allowing users to set the size of the search result snippet.

Yahoo!! SERP’s Update for October: Update for Oct are here and webmasters started reposting about this from September 29th, Looks strange but it was an update for October.

Google Toolbar 5 Available For Download: So finally the version is available for Firefox Lovers.

Google Limits Webmaster Tool To 500 Websites: Do you have more then 500 websites and wan’t to use Google Webmaster tool for all of them ? Its not possible so you have to make multiple accounts if u have more websites.

Google Translated URL’s For Landing Pages At AdWords ?: The Google AdWords system automatically flags destination URLs that start with Google domains, which is unfortunate in the case of translated sites because it’s actually your site and not a Google property.

Google Blog Search Re-Designed With News Front Page: The new design show’s categories on the left hand side of the Google Blog Search website organizing blog posts within categories into a clusters, which is basically groupings of related posts about the event or the story.

Search Google As It Was in 2001: In honour to Google’s 10th birthday, Google brought back there oldest available index archive.

Google SERPs Update For October 2008: Looks like some major update in Google SERP’s for October, Many webmasters reported some major fluctuations in there search engine rankings and traffic this week.

Yahoo!! Introduced New Site Explorer Design: Looks like a nice move from Yahoo!! This new release have a new look + some more additional and helpful features.

Yahoo News Beta Testing Its New Design: Looks like Yahoo!! is much concerned about its users and started working on the user end.

Well thats all for this week will update more from monday !! Enjoy Reading !!

Weekly Search Buzz (31 Aug 08)

This week I was busy with my personal stuff and was busy with setting up a Office for my company at gurgaon, Delhi-NCR.

Okay here are the hot topic this week on my blog:

Google Suggest Feature Now At Google.com: After lots of testing Google Suggest is finally coming to Google.com, With the help of this feature when you start to type in the search box.

Google Confirms Edit My Search Feature: Google officially Confirmed about Edit My Search Experiment, This experiment lets user to comment on search results and move them around on the result page.

Microsoft Updates adCenter keyword research tool: Microsoft adCenter blog, officially announced about the redesigned of there keyword research tool according to The adCenter blog this tool will help Advertisers more efficiently in finding the right keywords and plan campaigns in adCenter.

Google Continues New Experiments With SERP’s: How about If Google will have Just 7 organic results a page ? Yes this is true and Google is testing something similar.

Google To Display Adword Under Search Results ?: Looks like google is testing something to display ads under its Organic Search Results, This is not new and was noticed earlier in 2005.

Here are some of the post hot in other search industry blog:

Digital Point’s Shawn Hogan Sued for Cookie Stuffing: Three men defrauded eBay in a “cookie stuffing” scheme that made it appear the men’s companies should be paid commissions, eBay claims in Federal Court. It sued Shawn Hogan and Digital Point Solutions, Todd Dunning and Kessler’s Flying Circus, and Brian Dunning and Thunderwood Holdings.

‘Googlebomb’ blows up in Daily Mail hack’s face: A journalist at British paper the Daily Mail wrote a piece about what she thought was a case of Googlebombing. It wasn’t. But now the journalist in question is (kind of) a victim of a Googlebomb herself.

Google AdSense Stops Displaying on Google Cache Results?: A WebmasterWorld thread reports that many publishers have started to notice that their Google AdSense ads are not showing up when someone accesses their pages via the Google cache.

John Andrews Is Going to Work for Google: Effective 9/1/2008, John Andrews will be working for Google. He explains why in his post.

Well thats all for this week, will bring more next week :-) Have a nice weekend .. wana join me for a beer .. hun .. ?? hehe