Using Social Media for Corporate Ethics

Social media is considered a pretty powerful tool useful for just about any kind of business, but it`s also essential that corporate ethics be taken into consideration. Because this particular method of marketing will allow you or your own employees to connect directly with potential clients, you will have to use a strategy which will represent the brand`s ethics over the internet which may elevate the overall image of your brand.

  1. Start by developing a code of ethics specific for social networking websites. This particular code would have to mimic the overall code of ethics of your company, so that your own brand will be represented in a consistent manner across all channels. Your social media code of ethics will have to include various topics like avoiding unrelated controversial subjects, commitment to avoid disparaging competitors or writing honestly.
  2. Try to become more familiar with terms related to social media. Understanding terms which are related to social media might aid you in avoiding making unethical decisions involving social network marketing efforts. For instance, “brandjacking” is considered a term generally used for describing unauthorized use of logos, URLs or images from other companies. You should also know that “comment spam” is a practice which is usually used by sites which sell gambling or online pornography.
  3. Set up the social networking profiles of your company. As soon as a basic corporate ethics policy will be in place, you may start to set up social accounts or various websites, like Facebook or MySpace. It`s perfect to use the name of your company as the actual name of your social networking profile. If the name should not be available, you could try to add a word which will describe the company. For instance, if your brand is ABC and you might sell coffee, your screen name may very well be ABC Coffee.
  4. Assemble a specific group of individuals who will review your social networking policy from time to time. This will be mostly important if you may have a lot of people who will be responsible for communicating with clients using social networking websites. You will have to evaluate whether your present policies will be followed any if any adjustments might be needed.

If you are interested in using social networking websites for corporate ethics, you may consider the above tips. A more comprehensive research over the internet on the related subject will offer you more in-depth information.

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