Twitter Added Nofollow In Their Bio Field

Matt Cutts, reported in his blog post that Twitter finally Nofollowed their Bio Field link … Matt earlier reported the dofollow matter to Evan .. saying “@ev, dropped you an email about (the post that Dave did)” The message was sent in July, and there was a big debate about this at Sphinn.

I remember only Harith and I was among the guys who was agreed with matt and everyone was against this saying this is no-black hat technique.

Hope you guys must have got the answer :-)

Hello Google, Why dont u Ban Orkut in India ?

Orkut: Social networking and discussion site operated by Google.

If I’m not wrong then orkut is a place where users can put there views. This cud be anything from Commenting over some website, product or any individual.

I was browsing Google News this morning and came across an article One More Held for Obscene Content about Sonia.

I wonder when you are free to make a community like: I hate Sonia Gandhi then why you are not free to comment ?

Don’t you think its violation of its Privacy Policy ?

Hating someone, even if that someone is Sonia Gandhi, is a personal opinion, and having a personal opinion about anyone, is not an offense as per the law of the land.

I believe if Google is not able to keep the privacy of its user over some country then they have to Backup from that country. under heavy SPAM Attack !!

Yes this is true is under heavy SPAM Attack !! I had seen a guy selling a software which can add unlimited number of friends in your twitter profile !!

So here is the exact story …

I found a guy over DP (DigitalPoint) claim to have developed a software with the help of which u can add unlimited number of friends and he claims that he is getting 2k+ visitors everyday from Twitter to his website !!

He have a proof of what he is saying !! Here are his exact words:

In the past three days, I get 2000+ visitors every day from
One of my twitter account have more than 30,000 friends:

I use my own software called Twitter FriendAdder 1.1.0 to add my friends automatically. It is just released on 05.25.2008.

Q: What is Twitter FriendAdder?
A: Twitter FriendAdder is something similar to Myspace Friend Adder.

Q: How can I get a Twitter account?
A: You can register it from:

Q: How can I get Twitter FriendAdder 1.1.0?
A: You can download it from:

Q: Can I try before register?
A: Yes, you can try 3 times absoultly free. And it can always run untill you close it.

Q: How to use it?
A: Just click “Twitter -> Add Friends…” in the main menu, then input your username and password, that’s all.

Q: What’s the result?
A: It can add about 5000 friends in one hour, please check one of our accout which have more then 30,000 friends: If you post a message containing your website, it will add 2000+ visitors for you every day.

Twitter FriendAdder 1.1.0 can add your twitter friends automatically, support muti-thread, and free to try now!
You can download it from:

You can check the thread yourself here.

Seems like The Software is working for real and the seller have 2 reviews till now  .. one of the buyer replied:

I bought this, and it is fantastic! Adds people so quickly!!! Not a single error yet. You can track my twitter account and see how many people I’ve added as proof:
my traffic is already going up! I’m so excited – pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!

This review can be seen here.

Some immediate action is supposed to be taken from twitter if they really want to survive !!