PageRank Update 2008 Goes After Paid Links?

Update: Just in 1month Google again Updated PR Check PR Update April.

Seems like Google slapped websites involved in Buying and Selling links passing Pagerank in this PageRank update. I was aware about this fact and hence i already warned every one in my article Are Paid Links Evil in Real?. Seems like many sites getting slapped with a drop in PageRank.

Here is a list of some sites, including major publishers, Seems to have taken a hit overnight.

I am sure there are many more websites which are affected and slapped. Is this a direct hit by Google against sites that sell paid links?

If you are selling links on your website then i will suggest you to use Nofollow Tag . While selling links on your website !! That will not only save your rankings but also save the ranking of your advertiser !!

I had also seen some search engine optimization having some affective results for there clients.

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  1. PR Punishment says:

    I’ve been looking at many forums and it seems that those who got new unpaid incoming backlinks have also dropped in PR. There seems to be a vibe that many sites have dropped more than increased in PR. I’ve also come across many folks whose homepage has dropped in PR and now deep pages have an even higher PR.

  2. Ankit says:

    I had words with a guy claiming to have all unpaid links but still dropped in PR … he told me that he bought some directory submitting service on DP … some 4000 directories submitting !! Now you tell me how fair is this ??

  3. Tips for Moms says:

    Hi Ankit, is Google PR update still running now?When the final PR will come?Because I saw my site PR 5 2 days ago, but now, only show PR 3.why it could be happen?



  4. Ankit says:

    Your site is PR4!! I think for now it will remain 4 😉 !!
    We can only predict the changes but as of now i think its all done and we have some real ranks now !!
    My website itself have some internal pages with PR4, PR3 and PR2 while the main domain have PR0 😉

  5. Hitesh says:

    Usually i dont buy links anywhere. I use directory submission and also linking blogs which are connected with my topics. For this reason i got PR 3 for my site and got around 5000+ backlinks in webmaster tools. I am trying to make PR 6 in next two years. I am sure its tough but not impossible.

    Because of buy links importance of PR has dropped. I think importance should be back and webmaster must be punished. Because of buyer linkers real webmaster suffers.

  6. sturatm says:

    I am wondering that how google find out paid links. Many people are selling and buying links on different forums like DP. Why google is not banning DP.

  7. Ankit says:

    they can only figure it out when someone complain about it !! I think DP is not selling links … there are webmasters who are doing it !!