Alexa Ignores ‘noarchive’ Tag ?

I was upset about this when saw a post from tammer at seroundtable, Looks like Alexa is only bothered about Robots.txt not about MetaTags.

If you are facing similar problem about your ‘noarchive’ pages getting indexed at alexa then you have to contact them directly.

I think they have to respect directives in the HTML files themselves instead of asking webmasters to contact them.

Yahoo Gains Internet Search Share While Microsoft Loses Its Share In US

According to Bloomberg, Yahoo has jumped in its search share in the month of September 2008 while Microsoft has lost some of its share likely to Yahoo and Google in US.

According to the report Yahoo received 20.2% of queries in the month of September, It was reported to be 19.6% in the month of August, while at the same time Microsoft looses there share to 8.5% from 8.9%.

Forum Discussion at: DigitalPoint.

POLL- Sub-Domains Treated Different Then Directory ?

I’m aware, This is quite old and Matt already did a great post about this issue last year.

Just wan’t to know what you guys think about this issue … as we all know Matt is not right all the time 😉 !!

Firefox Better Then Chrome

Conducted a Poll, and asked webmasters about There favt Browser ?

Results were unexpected .. I was expecting Chrome to be atleast at No.2 .. but InternetExplorer is better then Google Chorome .. thats what uses think.

Here are the stats for the poll:

  • Firefox 53%.
  • Internet Explorer 29%.
  • Chrome 16%.
  • Others 2%.

Just noticed another thread over DigitalPoint this morning where everyone is recommended Firefox over Google Chrome !!

Firefox User Gain Geo-Location Tool

Mozilla Firefox has released a new technology which will help websites to detect the physical location of computers.

This technology will allow Firefox Users, for instance, to find local restaurants when they travel to a new town.

The Geode project is an experimental add-on ahead of a full blown launch of geolocation technology in version 3.1 of Firefox. Users will have full control over how much location information they wan’t to give.

It uses technology from a firm called Skyhook which works out a computer’s location from nearby wireless networks.

Its so-called Loki system can determine location within seconds with an accuracy of about 10 to 20 metres.

Source: BBC News

Hey MattCutts Ru Hacked ?

Okay, first m not sure about this if matt got hacked or not … but what so ever is the matter his blog giving a strange message:

You don’t have permission to access /blog/ on this server.

Just got a quick attention from the tweet posted by g1smd, Lets wait for Matt to comment something about this situation.. 😉