Open Letter To The Guy Who Stole My Dumb Stereo + Cellphone Bills + Empty Bottle Of Perfume

Dear Sir,
I’m aware that you must be feeling angry on me and you might be thinking that you are cheated,
Actually, My aim behind writing this letter is not to express my anger or something against you. Actually I felt happy when I saw some waste from my car missing.
I know you did lot of hard work and wasted lot of your precious time in opening the door of my car but believe me I never meant to hurt your feelings!!

I’m still not sure how much cash you got after selling those stuff … Actually I have a Business proposal for you guys, I have (One More Spare Stereo + Lots of Electricity, Water, Cellphone and My CC Bill’s + Few Empty Bottle Of Perfume) Actually I want to sell them all … But don’t know where to get a right buyer. I will be greatful to you if you can tell me where u sold previous stuff .. if u want I can give u some share from the profit !!

Please let me know as soon as possible,
Sincerely yours,
Ankit Rawat

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