Niche specifig blogging : Why and How

Blogging has been the latest buzz for last few years now. There are still many new bloggers coming in and quite many are still trying to establish a successful blog. The topics of these blogs are so diverse that they cover almost everything from your science homework to tips to buy cheap potatoes. As Seth Godin points out, that people rather prefer to find a specialist to seek a solution than going to a generalist. That is a reason why it’s most recommended for every blog to be niche specific. Also, if you have a popular niche specific blog, then you have very good chances of being picked up by a blog network and monetize your blog at its best. Following are few practical and easy tips to find a niche that suits you best.

  • Make a list of 15 things that would interest you the most to write about. These should be the topics that you normally talk about, most of the time with most of the people.
  • Now you need to find out the level of interest other people show in those topics. Talking about blogs, you can get an idea using Google Trends. Google trends will also show a graph rising or falling for each topic, which will help you sort them by their popularity. Take top 10 sorted topics to the next round.
  • Do a quick market research to find out the competition for these topics. Google Adwords keywords research tool can help you with that. Sort the topics from least competition to more competition and again take the top 5 topics to next level.
  • Here you can run a small Adwords campaign to get some idea about the audience response. The aim of this campaign is to find the most suitable topic for you among the leftover topics. Run an Adwords campaign for each of the topic and wait for the response. Then sort them according to the response you got from the campaigns.

Now we are left with five niche, about which you are comfortable to talk about, which are popular among the community and have less competition. To narrow your choice more, you can sort them out further according to what niche has the most resources available to the one with the least. One easy tool to find blogs related to your niche is hubfinder. This will help you find some content for your blog in those lazy days.

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