New Live Search Local Listings Features

Chris posted some details about Live New Local Listing Features. Local listing center is a place where you can add your business to Live Search Maps.

Some of the changes includes:

  • Multi-select control on the Edit Listing page of Parking Options to enable user to select various parking options.
  • Added Reservation URL and Menu URL in the Category properties page. The user will be able to specify reservation URL for hotels and menu URL for restaurant.
  • Added a warning to the Edit Listing page for YPC paid listings. This will alert the user that the listing he has entered is also contributed by YPC and some his data may be overwritten by YPC data.
  • Modified the enumerations as provided by the content team.
  • For advertisement listings i.e. the listings that does not have postal code or city. If the user tried to edit such listings he/she will be redirect to the standard error page. This functionality will not allow user to edit the advertisement listings.

Source: Search Engine Land.

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