Live.Com Love Link Exchange ?

Yes, if you believe and agree with this post of Microsoft Office Live Small Business.

According to the post this is not only one of the best way to generate lots and lots of traffic but also a great way to generate thousands and hundres of links for your website.

Personally, I don’t think link exchange sometimes called reciprocal linking or link swaps is a vice way to generate link for your website. Microsoft is somewhere encouraging its users towards doing balack hat seo for there website !!

Live Search Update For September 2008

Earlier it was reported in July and looks like its another update this month as many of the webmasters started reporting about some of the changes in there SERP’s.

Personally, I had also noticed some major fluctuations in my rankings and can confirm about this issue !!

Most of the webmasters are happy with the changes in the SERP’s, Lets wish for some more good traffic from

New Live Search Local Listings Features

Chris posted some details about Live New Local Listing Features. Local listing center is a place where you can add your business to Live Search Maps.

Some of the changes includes:

  • Multi-select control on the Edit Listing page of Parking Options to enable user to select various parking options.
  • Added Reservation URL and Menu URL in the Category properties page. The user will be able to specify reservation URL for hotels and menu URL for restaurant.
  • Added a warning to the Edit Listing page for YPC paid listings. This will alert the user that the listing he has entered is also contributed by YPC and some his data may be overwritten by YPC data.
  • Modified the enumerations as provided by the content team.
  • For advertisement listings i.e. the listings that does not have postal code or city. If the user tried to edit such listings he/she will be redirect to the standard error page. This functionality will not allow user to edit the advertisement listings.

Source: Search Engine Land.

Microsoft Updates adCenter keyword research tool

Microsoft adCenter blog, officially announced about the redesigned of there keyword research tool according to The adCenter blog this tool will help Advertisers more efficiently in finding the right keywords and plan campaigns in adCenter.

This new resource complements the Microsoft adCenter Add-inBeta for Excel by providing access to the same deep audience insights directly in the adCenter Research tab.

I tried this tool personally and its really helpful now !! Thanks Microsoft for this great tool.

Internet Explorer 8 Is Now Available With Privacy Mode

Often called porn mode or secret mode, There are few names given to this. The latest version of the Apple Safari browser already has this mode and it works well on Apple OS.

It is now the turn of Internet Explorer to offer this facility to the Windows operating system users. The browser will offer the privacy mode so that information regarding the websites surfed on the browser is not avaiable.

Two new patents have been registered by Microsoft related to this feature, they go by the name – “Cleartracks” and the other by “Inprivate”.

Mozilla Firefox which is one of the most widely used browsers are in the process of developing this feature. The IE8 version by Microsoft is due to be released by december or early 2009.

Another CashBack Live Search Promotion

Barry reported this on SearchEngineLand that, Microsoft announced a “back-to-school” promotion for using Live Search through the Live Search cashback portal. The promotion adds up to “double the cashback rewards on millions of products from hundreds of participating retailers.”

Example promotions include 36-percent off select shoes at Foot Locker, 18-percent off on Lenovo ThinkPad and 30 percent off on The North Face Doubletrack backpacks.