iPad 2 is Apple’s Second Generation Tablet

Steve Jobs made the announcement March 2nd in San Francisco, about the second generation iPad we will come to know as iPad 2. This iPad 2 is going to ship within the U.S. beginning March 11, and then from March 25th on it will ship all across the world.

One question many have is this – “Is this thing really worth it?” Well, the first iPad was out under a year ago, around April of 2010, and was a total success, much more so than was expected. Due to that, many big companies have been striving to catch up to Apple to create a better tablet computer. We know that HP TouchPad, Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Pad, and so many more, all come with pros and cons. But the competition is fierce, and prices are aggressive, and performance enhanced. This forced Apple to create the next generation tablet, so they could avoid losing market shares. So now we have it, the famed iPad 2, and it’s faster, lighter, and thinner than its predecessor.

The prices are similar to the older generation basic models, with the 16GB and the no 3G selling at around $499. Then you have the more accessorized ones, the 64GB and the 3G connection, which ship at $829.

The iPad 2 contains a new dual-core processor. The older one only had one single core. This make the performance of the graphics as much as nine times better. It also features two cameras, a 720p resolution in the rear, and a VGA resolution in front. The first iPad didn’t have any, it had a gyroscope like iPhone 4. So these are basically the new features, most of the rest is about the same, such as screen size and the resolution (9.5″ by 7.3″ and 1024×768). The storage sizes were 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB and connections. So there’s still the lack of a USB port, but Apple doesn’t seem to think that’s a good idea, and nobody else really seems to care either.

Regardless of what the competition puts out, whether it’s more power, or connections, or resolution, or battery life, there’s no tablet that can hold a light to Apple’s product – and no other tablet carries the same quality in comparison to the iPad 2. Steve Jobs has done a fantastic job of marketing, the products do exactly what they claim, and they do it even better than all the rest. Plus they’re very beautiful pieces of hardware. The iPad 2 is no difference, and will not disappoint.

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