Integrate Your AdSense With Analytics Account

The Official Google AdSense blog posted details about how to integrate your Google AdSense account with your Google Analytics account, However, this feature is not yet available to everyone, You will get a invite in your adsense account automatically as shown in the below pic:

According to Adsense post the data might be helpful in many ways including but not limited to:

  • Discover untapped markets. Use the geographies report to determine which regions are under-represented in your site’s user base. Optimize your site’s content to attract more of these under-represented users.
  • Drive high-earning traffic to your site. Use the ‘Referring sites’ report to determine where the users who are making you the most money are coming from. Focus your efforts on getting traffic from these sources.
  • Delve deeper into AdSense reports. Use the visualization feature to look at trends in your site’s AdSense performance over time, or by time of day.

To learn how it works simply check the below video:

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