Kapil Sibal On Fire At Twitter and Facebook

Communications and IT minister Kapil Sibal’s move to regulate online content is inviting a barrage of barbs on the very social media sites — Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus — which he aims to muzzle.

Sibal’s Wikipedia profile was edited 21 times by web users and activists on Tuesday . His profile was locked later in the evening due to a large amount of web activists trying to edit simultaneously, describing him in unkind words.

The MP from Chandni Chowk had to face barbs also from fellow politicians. J&K CM Omar Abdullah tweeted saying, “I hate the idea of censorship. But have seen for myself how dangerous inflammatory content on Facebook and You-Tube can be.” Hashtag #Kapilsibal and #Censorship were the hot trending topic on Twitter globally. Noted filmmaker Pritish Nandy tweeted saying “This is my country. Freedom of speech is my birthright. You can go to hell sir.” Stock broker Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was upset too. “If Sibal wants to jail us for speaking our mind on the Internet, go ahead! We’ll just go ahead and get bail like Kanimozhi,” tweeted Jhunjhunwala. “I hate some of the stuff written on the Internet, but I’d hate it even more if they were not allowed to write it. You can’t censor the Internet. You shouldn’t censor the Internet.

That’s it,” said author Chetan Bhagat. “The Internet is the only truly democratic medium. Can see why Sibal wants to gag it.” said BJP MP Varun Gandhi. Some others such as Shashi Tharoor sat on the fence. “Spoke to Kapil Sibal.

He assured me he opposes political censorship . Concern is regarding communally inflammatory images and language which he described,” Tharoor tweeted. Sibal was, however, supported by his colleague Milind Deora who tweeted: “Just as principle of free speech is sacrosanct , incendiary content must also be avoided.” About 73 ‘hate’ pages against Sibal have erupted on Facebook.

For a nation that has close to 121 million users, of which 43 million users are on Facebook, 3.6 million on Google plus and 3.5 million on Twitter, the move to muzzle social content understably invited ire.

Some users suggested that Sibal should be sent Farmville ‘requests’. “To have a human inspection of what goes on the internet every second will require more than the population of the country,” said Atul Chitnis, a Bangalore-based technologist and an avid tweeter.

Be Ready To Join Anna on 11 December 2011

 Anna Hazare is planning to hold a day-long protest at Jantar Mantar on December 11 if the parliamentary panel examining the Lokpal bill does not come up with recommendations for a strong anti-graft ombudsman, an activist said on Monday.
“If the standing committee does not give recommendations for a strong Lokpal, Anna will sit on a day-long protest at Jantar Mantar Dec 11 with other civil society activists,” a Team Anna member told IANS.
The standing committee is expected to submit its recommendations to Parliament on December 7 during the ongoing winter session. The government will be able to introduce the Lokpal bill only after that.
The winter session is slated to end December 21.
“We have approached Delhi Police, seeking permission for the day-long protest,” the source added.
Earlier, a spokesperson for India Against Corruption (IAC) said the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has given the go-ahead to Hazare and his associates to stage a demonstration at Ramlila ground December 27-January 5.
The 74-year-old social activist was on a 12-day hunger strike here in August this year, demanding the government enact a strong law to deal with corruption in India.

Sharad Pawar Slapped By a Youth at NDMC

Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar was on Thursday slapped by a man, who had attacked former telecommunications minister Sukh Ram here four days ago. Pawar was attacked at the NDMC Centre here.

The Sikh man also took out his kirpan when security guards tried to overpower him and whisk him away. It is being reported that he has been taken in police custody.

He identified himself as Harvinder Singh from Rohini and runs a transport business. He told media that he attacked the minister to vent his anger on sky-rocketing prices of essential commodities.

It is believed that he also attacked former Union minister Sukhram on Saturday.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke to Pawar after he was attacked. “The prime minister spoke to Sharad Pawar and condemned the assault on him,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said here.

Meanwhile, leaders of all political parties have condemned the attack on Pawar.

Bomb Blast at Delhi High Court

Yes, another Bomb Blast at Delhi High Court more then 11 killed and 62 injured and the figure might go up! So many in fast few months that my Blog looks like a Bomb Blast Blog instead of a Tech and a SEO Blog. You can check this yourself here.

This is not the first time and not even this is the last time when a blast took place in India.

We all knw this is not the first time when Ammonium Nitrate was used for explosion and we are also aware of the fact that next time when there will be a blast Ammonium Nitrate will be used.

Indian Govt Sux, They just form a committee every time there is a bomb blast to investigate the matter and the report is always same, Ammonium Nitrate was used and Pakistan was Behind the blast and they need 4-5Years to say this ?

We are fed up, Every time there is a blast Our Politicians those who are good for nothing make the same statement that strict action will be taken and we will form a Committee to investigate the matter, They always say we wont take this attack lightly and they feel proud on there self to announce money for the family of victims.

Delhi CM, Sheila Dikshit visits blast site assures treatment to all injured, Rs 4 lakh announced for the kin of those who lost adult family member and Rs 1.5 lakh to those who lost minor.

@Sheila Dikshit – Can I kill you ? I’ll give ur family members Rs8 Lakh, Offering Money is not a Solution, Why dont you do something so as to stop the terror ? and If you dont knw what to do then why can’t u simply resign and accept you are fail to do so ? :)

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gives statement, says, “We will not succumb.”

@Mr Prime Minister – Every time there is a blast you say “We will not succumb” can you tell us “When We will not succumb?” :)

PM Congress’ general secretary, Rahul Gandhi reached RML Hospital to visit the injured persons. Slogans against the the young leader cornered Rahul.

@Mr Rahul – You were lucky go and say thanks to Anna Hazare, and stop showing your fake affection to public. We all knw why u were there. :)

Can someone answer a simple question that how terrorist manage to carry explosives here and there ?

Yes, A simple answer!! Our Cops are more concern to check papers of a vehicle, they are least bothered about whats inside a vehicle. Our Cops are interested in making some extra cash!

Can someone answer me what is the work of a Cop ?

If, I’m not wrong then the work of a Cop is to look after law and order, and If I’m not wrong then Law and Order are made for the convinence of Public.

What our cops want to prove ?

  • They simply hides away from redlight instead of managing traffic at redlight! Don’t this proves that they are more concern about there pocket ?
  • When ever there is a police barrier, Our Cops never hesitate to check papers of bikes and scooters, have you ever seen them checking whats inside your bag ? Don’t this proves that they are more concern about there pocket ?
And there are hell more!!
Sometimes, I feel shame on myself to be an Indian!!

Anna Hazare video from Tihar recorded by Dr. Kiran Bedi

Here are the 2 videos Shooted By Dr. Kiran Bedi at Tihar Jail:

Please share these with all your friends and add your valuable comment!! :)

Anna Hazare message to India on Lokpal Bill

“My dear countrymen, second freedom struggle has begun and now I have also been arrested. But will this movement be stopped by my arrest. No not at all. Don’t let it happen,” Hazare said soon after being detained by police.

Support Anna Hazare, Support him in his fight against Corruption!

http://ankitrawat.com/anna-hazare-message-to-india-on-lokpal-bill <- Spread this video to the world and support anna in our fight against corruption! (Add your valuable comment in the end of the post so that goverment can read how strong our views are against corruption, Share this message with all our frinds and show this corrupt goverment the power of social media!!)