How You May Attract Donors Through Social Media

If you will connect with family members or friends using social network websites, you may use this for your own benefit when trying to raise some money for charity. In most cases, you may use these websites to ask individuals to donate to your own cause, especially in situations such as run or walks where you will ask donors to sponsor you. You can find websites you may use to reach out to certain individuals who may care about your cause which you might not know at a personal level. Every penny will add up, even if most people will only donate a few dollars.

  1. Set up your donation website through the organization you may work with. Fill all the info, so everyone will have the required details. This will mean sharing the reason for which the cause is important to you, or what you may be doing to raise all the money. You should explain how people are able to donate money. Among the best possible ways is to be able to accept money online.
  2. You should also post the link on your social profile. After you will be posting the link to your social profile, you should add a message where you will ask people to donate money. Write a few lines explaining what the cause is and when the event may be taking place. Ask all your friends if they could share your link with their own friends as well. One of the most well known social networking websites, Facebook, will enable a feature which will include a “share” button on public social profiles. You may send the link as an event where you will ask people to make a visit to your charity web page.
  3. Send the link to your followers on your Twitter social account. You may type “Please RT” at the message of a link`s end, so people may share your link with their own followers. Another great way you may reach out to other people for any possible donations is to make a basic research for keywords which relate to your cause. For instance, if you may be doing a run or walk for diabetes, you can search “diabetes” and then send your link as a @ reply to whatever people may be talking about this disease. Any people who will be interested will be able to donate money for this cause.
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