How You Can Increase Followers on Social Media

Over the past couple of years, social media has managed to evolve from a rather convenient way to connect with your friends or loved ones to a very powerful tool to promote creative endeavors and various businesses, or just your own you as an individual. Whatever purpose for which you use social media websites, among the main factors which will be tied to your success if you use various websites such as Twitter or Facebook will be the number of other users who will follow your messages. Try to increase the number of your followers for maximizing your social media impact.

  1. Try to post only relevant and entertaining content from time to time. Over a certain period of time, there will be no other aspect of your social presence to attract followers than the quality of your info you will share on your social network.
  2. Try to follow all the users who may have content similar to yours to establish mutual relationships which in the end will be beneficial for both individuals. For instance, if you might be a fashion blogger, you may find other fashion bloggers such as you on Twitter and just follow them. In a lot of instances, users who will find you may have related interests or targets to them will most likely “Follow” you back as well.
  3. Try to use more than one single social networking website to promote your person, and also try to encourage those who may follow you on one social network to follow you on other ones as well. For example, if you might promote your person as a jewelry salesman using Facebook, you can make a similar post to be followed on Twitter or Flickr as well. This last social website may increase the possibility of seeing more quality images of what you have to sell.
  4. You may interact with those certain individuals who may already follow you. If a certain person will “re-tweet” either one of your posts on Twitter, you should thank them for doing so on your Twitter feed, or much better, “re-tweet” something they have posted. Interacting with another user who will share your own work will increase the likelihood of his continuing to do so, which will increase the chance of his followers to follow you.
  5. You should avoid spamming strategies as much as possible, like following large numbers of users who might or might not be that relevant to your main target and posting to many numbers or links. Although these strategies might at first increase the number of your followers, they will alienate your followers in the end.
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