Hello Google, Why dont u Ban Orkut in India ?

Orkut: Social networking and discussion site operated by Google.

If I’m not wrong then orkut is a place where users can put there views. This cud be anything from Commenting over some website, product or any individual.

I was browsing Google News this morning and came across an article One More Held for Obscene Content about Sonia.

I wonder when you are free to make a community like: I hate Sonia Gandhi then why you are not free to comment ?

Don’t you think its violation of its Privacy Policy ?

Hating someone, even if that someone is Sonia Gandhi, is a personal opinion, and having a personal opinion about anyone, is not an offense as per the law of the land.

I believe if Google is not able to keep the privacy of its user over some country then they have to Backup from that country.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I doubt Google would ever pull out of a country unless there was a big negative campaign against them to do it. And I don’t believe they would pull out a major service from a large expanding market for them like India.

    The same kind of questions have been asked about Western Companies in China. Most large companies put their ethics to the side when there are millions to be made.

  2. Ankit says:

    Kevin dont u think they are supposed to take some step for the privacy of there visitor ?

  3. Kevin says:

    Yes, definately. However, in my experience big companies are happy to put ethics and privacy concerns to the side in developing countries if there is money to be made.

  4. Ankit says:

    Yes thats what seems to be case in here … Google is busy making money !!

  5. sanket says:

    yeh…..dude i agree with u…. if they dont concern about our privacy then they should ban orkut not in our country but in all world