Google Webmaster Tools External Link Tracker – GLYNC

Google Cache Blog announced release of there new tool called GLYNC, This tool will help you in getting the historical data of links you have accrued over time using Google Webmaster Tool.

Right now the tool is available with 2 versions:

  • Basic Version 1.0b – This is basically a free basic version that anyone can use indefinitely. However, The basic version will only be able to track Google Webmaster Tools’ external links across your whole site for past 30 days. You can Install the basic version here.
  • Pro Version 1.0b – With the help of this version you can enjoy tracking for 90 days, Including Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo External Links for all listed subpages. Also this tool have additional feature for checking PageRank for all on-site listed pages as well as all listed external-links. This is available for just $5/Month. Click here to Install Pro Version.

Above installations require Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or above.

You can also see below Quick feature video:

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