Search For Your Favourite Movie With Google

I was getting bored this morning and planned to watch a movie .. :p So as always searched google for “Movie” and WoW I got the Below Result …


So You wan’t to watch a movie ?

Wan’t to know about the nearest theater or the movie running right now on your favorite theater ?

This will help lot !! Search on Google For “Movie” .

Google Searching Tips and Tricks

I believe we can find anything on google that really exists in this mighty word…. first let me explain what exactly google reacts for our search terms.

  1. Search Ankit Rawat This will find All pages containing the words Ankit and Rawat.
  2. Ankit or Rawat This will find all pages containing either Ankit or Rawat.
  3. “Ankit Rawat: Google and SEO” This will search for a page containing exact phrase Ankit Rawat: google and SEO.
  4. Virus -Computer This will Search for all Virus who not related to Computer.
  5. +sock This will find a page containing only the word sock and not the plural or any tenses or synonyms.
  6. ~auto loan This will find all pages containing loan info for both words auto and its synonyms like: truck, scooter, car, etc.
  7. define:computer This will find all pages having definitions for Computer.
  8. Pink*Black This will find all pages containing words Pink and Black separated by one or more words.
  9. I’m Feeling Lucky This will take you directly to the first page returned for your query.

We can also use google as calculator … i.e.. (5 + 5 in google search box will give a result of 10).

To find Percentage use % of.. (ie …. 2 % of 100)
More about Google Calculator can be find here.

Advanced Searches:

  1. admission (This will Search Delhi Univ. site for admissions info.)
  2. DVD player $500..550 (This will Search for DVD players range between $500 to $550)
  3. (This will find pages linking to
  4. (This will Find information about Delhi University website.)
  5. (This will Find websites related to Delhi University website.)

This is not all … i will tell more tricks in future .. 😉

Tips to Unban From Google Search

As a SEO Consultant this is one of the question I come across very often that How to Unban From Google Search.

Just have a look at this thread on dp:

Anyway to verify if you are banned?

This guy registered a deleted domain which was banned by google. Now the problem is how to get unbanned ??

Well it is very easy to get unban from google search just Follow these steps…

  1. Check your website twice or thrice and make it sure that it meets to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  2. Remember, a human reviewer from Google.Com will inspect your website personally. If they will find something objectionable they will not only reject your application but also your chances of getting back into Google will be reduced.
  3. Once you have verified and checked your website .. if it agree to Google Webmasters Guidelines, Just Sign Up for Google Webmasters Tool and verify your website.
  4. Once your website gets verified submit a reconsideration request. (This can be found under Tools, click Request reconsideration and follow the simple steps).
  5. Then wait.

Also check this Google Help center Article at:

How do I request reconsideration of my site?

Credits: JohnMu for the Updated Info.

How to Report spam in Google Index

Okay i got a Private Message on DP on how to report spam in google index ?

Well its easy to report a Google index spam using this tool.

You can also report paid links using that tool .. 😉

Before reporting make sure that they are violating Google Webmasters Guidelines.

Leave a comment if you have any query regarding reporting something to Google.

Remove Google Search Warning Message

I saw 2-3 threads on DP this morning on How to Remove Google Search Warning Message“.

Like a Guy asked:


How To Remove Google Warning Message “This site may harm your computer” in Google Search Results????

Cleared all Virus in My Server. Please Help Me. why it’s Showing That Message and How to Over come it????

Thanks Regards

This site may harm your computer warning looks like:


Here is my Opinion:

So as to maintain Quality and Give the best to its users Google keep on playing tricks and discovering new Idea every day !!

Google.Com with the help of database… trying to figure out suspicious websites.

According to Google: “This identification is based in part on guidelines set by However, Google uses its own criteria, procedures, and tools to identify sites that host or distribute badware. If you feel your site has been mistakenly identified, or if you make changes to your site so that it no longer hosts or distributes malicious software and you secure your site so that it is no longer vulnerable to the insertion of badware, you can request that your site be reviewed.”

If your website is facing similar problem while searching then you need to make sure that you are not affiliated with any Malware related website or activity.
Once you have reviewed your website and are sure it is clean, you can submit a request for review:

  1. Using Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard, click the site for which you want to request a review (Note: you need to verify site ownership to see this information).
  2. Click Request a review.

Google will review your website manually and, Once they will make sure that it doesn’t host or distribute any type of Malware, they will remove the identification from search results.

In case you are unable to resolve this problem its recommended to get help from Search Engine Optimisation Services.

Gmail Secrets and Tricks

I saw a Post on on DP Yahoo Mail vs GMail According to me only 2% of Gmail Users knows about these Secrets and Tricks about Gmail.


So here we go with the Tricks:

  1. Using the dragdropupload Firefox extension. You can drag any file (e.g… from your Desktop) and drop it in text box. It’s a fantastic extension that makes it faster to include attachments or upload files.
  2. If you want to see all your unread messages on the top of your mail box just do a search for label:unread label:inbox . It will only show you unread messages that are right now present in your inbox.
  3. Using Mozilla Firefox extension Signature firefox extension to insert text macros you can insert prepared text blocks so as to avoid writing again and again.
  4. Gmail have ability to offer HTML view or Google Doc options for Word and Excel.
  5. Using the Resizeable text area extension for Mozilla Firefox. You can click on the border of ny form text area and drag the border so the text area expands.
  6. If you want mails to be open on a new window Look at the top-right of the gmail page and click on “New window” to open your mails in a separate email.

These were tips I got from the Gmail blog. There are more cool labels you can use as well.