Google To Display Adword Under Search Results ?

Updated: Looks like now the test is more common as, Markus reported another screenshot can be seen here.

google ads at end of page

google ads at end of page

Looks like google is testing something to display ads under its Organic Search Results, This is not new and was noticed earlier in 2005. Looks like Maybe with the new real-time quality score AdWords put in place, Google will be able to show more ads, that might be less “quality” and at the same time, earn additional income for those who click on them.

Maybe if Google will get good responce from this, then this will be common with all of us.

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  1. Markus Walter | tekka says:

    I noticed that by searching for iPhone at There are ads at the top, at the right side and at the bottom of the results page. One ad-block more as usual. I never notice that at

  2. Ankit says:

    Next time when u will see something similar please take screen shots and mail me at mail[at]