Google SERPs Update For October 2008

Looks like some major update in Google SERP’s for October, Many webmasters over WebmasterTalk reported some major fluctuations in there search engine rankings and traffic this week.

According to a member at WebmasterTalk he got his pages deindexed from Google Index because of duplicate meta description,  Also many webmasters have started noticing that onpage facors are becoming more important then Anchor Text.

Note that, I blogged about this in August when I lost rankings for one of my experiment based on Anchor Text. The strange thing after this update .. My test page got its rankings back for the targetting keyword .. so is it strange or what ? I will write another post about this situation after I will talk with some of my friends regarding this matter !!

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  1. Divakar says:

    I am not agree with “On-page factors are more important than Anchor Text” because all my ranking are maintained till today.