Google Rolls Back PageRank Update For September 2008

Looks like Google Rolled back its PR update last week, Many webmasters over DigitalPoint reporting this sice Saturday … but i was not sure about the situation .. but now the number of new threads are enough to conclude that Google Rolls Back PR for its revious update.

M still not sure, If this is some correction made from Google .. According to Barry:

Honestly, I am not convinced yet. It can be that some data centers have not yet updated and maybe those data centers are showing older toolbar PageRank scores. Or maybe not.

I think he is right about this situation, As we all know that it takes time for DC’s to refect with the new affected PR.

However, Believe me there is nothing special to with PR .. so it will be great idea if webmasters will concentrate on working with the quality of the website instead of wasting time with PageRank.

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