Search For Your Favourite Movie With Google

I was getting bored this morning and planned to watch a movie .. :p So as always searched google for “Movie” and WoW I got the Below Result …


So You wan’t to watch a movie ?

Wan’t to know about the nearest theater or the movie running right now on your favorite theater ?

This will help lot !! Search on Google For “Movie” .

Google says No for SEO Business

After acquisition of DoubleClick on March 11. There was a hot debate in the search engine market about Performics one of the Division of Double click.

Every one was worried about this …. what will happen if Google will enter Search Engine Marketing Business ? … But finally Google has announced that they are going to sell Performics Search marketing business to some 3rd party … However its not yet clear that to whom they are going to sell Performics Search Marketing Business.

However Google had planed to merge affiliate marketing business into existing Google operations.

Acording to Matt Cutt’s:

People hold Google to a unbelievably high standard, and I think it’s important that we try very hard to avoid any conflict of interest — or even the appearance of conflict of interest — in our business.

This is really a Great Step from Google So as to maintain Quality and Trust among its users.

More details about this can be seen at Google Official Blog here.

Google Turns Its Lights Off


Google users in the United Kingdom will notice today that we “turned the lights out” on the homepage as a gesture to raise awareness of a worldwide energy conservation effort called Earth Hour.I’m with Google in this noble step what about you guys ?


I’m with Google what about you Guys ?


PageRank Update 2008 Goes After Paid Links?

Update: Just in 1month Google again Updated PR Check PR Update April.

Seems like Google slapped websites involved in Buying and Selling links passing Pagerank in this PageRank update. I was aware about this fact and hence i already warned every one in my article Are Paid Links Evil in Real?. Seems like many sites getting slapped with a drop in PageRank.

Here is a list of some sites, including major publishers, Seems to have taken a hit overnight.

I am sure there are many more websites which are affected and slapped. Is this a direct hit by Google against sites that sell paid links?

If you are selling links on your website then i will suggest you to use Nofollow Tag . While selling links on your website !! That will not only save your rankings but also save the ranking of your advertiser !!

I had also seen some search engine optimization having some affective results for there clients.


Big and Little letters in URL ?

I saw a post on DP Big and little letters in URL?. I don’t know why peoples use this … this is not the first time I’m seeing such post i had seen such post earlier …

Well to be very practical I will like you to visit:


So do you still think its same .. ?? Yes Google will count them as 2 Different URL’s like the guy asked there on DP !!

Always remember URL’s are supposed to be easy to remember .. so don’t make them pathetic mixing Big and Little letters into them !!

Note: Big and Little Letters are counted only in terms of URL not in terms of content ! So from next time keep in mind not to use Big letters in your URL !


Search within a site: SiteSearch aKa teleporting

Already discussed about this in my article Google New Site Search Feature.

So its confirmed by Google Search within a site: A tale of teleportation.
Google had introduced this feature for the users who sometimes forget the exact url of a website and dont have much knowledge about how to search within a website using google search. User have to type the website name in google .. i.e “sulekha“.

This will be recognized by term “teleporting”.

According to google websites displaying site search box are chosen algorithmically based on metrics that measure how useful the search box is for the users of that website.