Exporting a Facebook Profile to Other Social Networking Sites

For the fact that Facebook has managed to become so famous and the use of this social website is so widespread, a lot of other social networking websites have built a feature to link to them using your own Facebook profile. Clicking the “Connect” tab will allow to link a social account without too much hassle of offering info and it will export your Facebook account info, images as well as contacts to other social networking sites. Depending on what social networking website you will be using, they will use your Facebook Likes or interests to create the network on their website.

  1. Start by importing your settings into MySpace. This is a social website which will cater comedians as well as music and connect them to your friends, and it will allow you to use a feature called “Facebook Connect” to begin adding individuals to your social networking pretty fast, without needing to fill out any private details about your person. Your Likes will be imported by MySpace and after your first sign in, you will have a large social network which will include your favorite bands.
  2. You can also connect with another popular social network website called Zorpia. This is mostly known outside of the United States, but a few musicians will use it quite often to promote their own work and it will also include various options such as profile customization. It will have a “Facebook Connect” feature which will import of your profile settings and contacts very quickly.
  3. Try to use your Facebook account to sign up on Skyrock as well. This website will offer various feature such as profiles and blogs, but also musician web pages where they will often upload their hits.
  4. You can sign up for Gaia Online by simply using your own Facebook account as well. This site will allow you to build and also customize your own profile, virtual towns, avatars or forums. It`s practically a social networking website mixed with a Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game.
  5. Try to sign in with your Facebook account to Friendster. This is a rather old social network, but will include a lot of similar features to Facebook, which will include messages, games or status posts. It will offer the possibility of creating virtual avatars for distinct social connections as well.
  6. Tagged is another website which can be connected through your Facebook account. Tagged will use pictures to connect people together in their own memberships, and they will encourage making new friends based on related interests.
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