Effective Link Building Tips and Tricks

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become the buzz word of today. In order to rank high in search engines a website should be optimized as per the guidelines of the search engine.

SEO can be divided in to two different categories the first one being onpage optimization and other one being the off page optimization. Onpage optimization involves in effective inclusion of keywords and phrases in domain name, website name, the content of the website, urls of internal pages, meta tags, meta descriptions, and alt image ids.

Offpage optimization is anything done outside the web pages and this includes backlinks, directory submission, article submission, and the like. This article is an attempt to elucidate the techniques in link building for a website.

One of the criteria for the search engines in ranking a website is the number of relevant backlinks. This process of acquiring relevant backlinks is known as link building. There different strategies for link building of which some are reciprocal links, one way links, paid links, text links, links through banners, links form blog sites, and more.

The following are the important point to remember when you start link building.


  • Your links should originate form web pages that contain relevant content to your website.
  • See that the web page from where you get the link has minimum outbound links.
  • Verify the crawl frequency to know if the webpage is crawled by major search engines.
  • See to that your links are visible to the visitors.
  • Confirm the page rank, traffic, duration of links, quality of links and the total number of outbound links before you get the link from a website.


  • Do not get links from unrelated websites.
  • Avoid websites with low page rankings/porn/adult sites.
  • Never go for penalized sites involved in Black Hat SEO.
  • Do not get links from websites that exaggerate their page ranks.
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