Did I Got a Google Penalty ? Do I Require a Reinclusion Request?

A Great question Did I Got a Google Penalty ? Do I Require a Reinclusion Request ?

Believe me this is the very 3rd question asked at every webmaster forum including some popular one like DigitalPoint, Google Groups, Webmaster Talk .. and tons of more.

Like Barry reported about an intresting thread at Webmaster World where a user asked similar question Which penalties require a reinclusion request in Google?

Yes this is a great question and not all the penalties require you to file a re-inclusion request with Google.

Tedster, Administrator of Webmaster World sums up the issue with this question.

  • Not all “penalties” are really penalties. In fact, a nice percentage of posts that say, “I have been penalized,” are really not penalized.
  • Some penalties are manual, while some are automated. Manual penalties probably require a reinclusion request, while automated ones do not necessarily require one but likely can be expedited by one.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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  1. goolloog says:

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    • Shiv says:

      Hi SimoneSaw you (but didn’t meet you) at the Perth Podcamp last year. Just so you have some idea how I got to your site.My blog, The Boomtown Rap, has just disappeared from Google AND the other secarh engines, literally in a day. It happened yesterday. It was not monetised at all, so I don’t think there can be a penalty element to any decision by Google etc to cut me. I have noticed a massive increase in SPAM in the last few weeks. I suspect this has something to do with the problem. Perhaps I’ve been hacked, as you were, but I don’t know how to tell. Do you have any suggestions? This is really upsetting. I was building up a nice little readership, and my hits are down to virtually nothing overnight! I was planning my first podcast to be uploaded in the next few days, and now it seems no one is going to be able to find it or anything else on the blog.Sob, grrrrr!

  2. Beqir says:

    Thanks, Simone. I’ve now upgraded to the latset version of WP (2.3.2) after procrastinating about it for months so that’s one positive to come out of this!Also installed the all-in-one-SEO-pack plugin. Apparently that ensures there’s no duplication (huh? just going on advice!) that might have upset Google.Have registered for Webmaster Protools and sent Google a Reconsideration Request .Still no sign of the home page in the Google listings, but looking on anxiously and hopefully. Time will tell. Thanks for your support. Glad things are resolved for you.CheersRoss