Bomb Blast at Delhi High Court

Yes, another Bomb Blast at Delhi High Court more then 11 killed and 62 injured and the figure might go up! So many in fast few months that my Blog looks like a Bomb Blast Blog instead of a Tech and a SEO Blog. You can check this yourself here.

This is not the first time and not even this is the last time when a blast took place in India.

We all knw this is not the first time when Ammonium Nitrate was used for explosion and we are also aware of the fact that next time when there will be a blast Ammonium Nitrate will be used.

Indian Govt Sux, They just form a committee every time there is a bomb blast to investigate the matter and the report is always same, Ammonium Nitrate was used and Pakistan was Behind the blast and they need 4-5Years to say this ?

We are fed up, Every time there is a blast Our Politicians those who are good for nothing make the same statement that strict action will be taken and we will form a Committee to investigate the matter, They always say we wont take this attack lightly and they feel proud on there self to announce money for the family of victims.

Delhi CM, Sheila Dikshit visits blast site assures treatment to all injured, Rs 4 lakh announced for the kin of those who lost adult family member and Rs 1.5 lakh to those who lost minor.

@Sheila Dikshit – Can I kill you ? I’ll give ur family members Rs8 Lakh, Offering Money is not a Solution, Why dont you do something so as to stop the terror ? and If you dont knw what to do then why can’t u simply resign and accept you are fail to do so ? :)

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gives statement, says, “We will not succumb.”

@Mr Prime Minister – Every time there is a blast you say “We will not succumb” can you tell us “When We will not succumb?” :)

PM Congress’ general secretary, Rahul Gandhi reached RML Hospital to visit the injured persons. Slogans against the the young leader cornered Rahul.

@Mr Rahul – You were lucky go and say thanks to Anna Hazare, and stop showing your fake affection to public. We all knw why u were there. :)

Can someone answer a simple question that how terrorist manage to carry explosives here and there ?

Yes, A simple answer!! Our Cops are more concern to check papers of a vehicle, they are least bothered about whats inside a vehicle. Our Cops are interested in making some extra cash!

Can someone answer me what is the work of a Cop ?

If, I’m not wrong then the work of a Cop is to look after law and order, and If I’m not wrong then Law and Order are made for the convinence of Public.

What our cops want to prove ?

  • They simply hides away from redlight instead of managing traffic at redlight! Don’t this proves that they are more concern about there pocket ?
  • When ever there is a police barrier, Our Cops never hesitate to check papers of bikes and scooters, have you ever seen them checking whats inside your bag ? Don’t this proves that they are more concern about there pocket ?
And there are hell more!!
Sometimes, I feel shame on myself to be an Indian!!
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One single comment

  1. damselpia says:

    Our govt is dumb, deaf and handicapped…politicians are themselves a terror to our country…
    Wondering..what would happen to our democratic country which is ruled by politicians… everyone is busy in making hay when Delhi, in fact whole country is in terror.