Bangalore Bomb Blast

Update: Officials have reported another bomb today which is now defused.

I have Update Some Pictures and Some Video about this Incident.

bangalore bomb blast bomb blast

Just 2 months back there were 8 bomb blast in jaipur on the same day and this time its Bangalore … Seven bombs exploded in quick succession across the south Indian IT city of Bangalore today, killing a woman and wounding at least 15 people, police said.

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The sequence in which the seven bomb blasts rocked the country’s IT hub:

  1. 1.20 pm, Madiwala bus depot.
  2. 1.25 pm, Mysore road.
  3. 1.40 pm, Adugudi.
  4. 2.10 pm, Koramangla.
  5. 2.25 pm, Vittal Mallaya road.
  6. 2.35 pm, Langford Town.
  7. Richmond Town.

So over 7 blast between 1:20 to 2:35 …. !!

Here is the Video:

Bangalore was rocked by a major terrorist attack in December, 2005 when some unidentified extremists opened fire in the Indian Institute of Science complex killing an Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi professor MC Puri.

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Other Blasts on Friday:

  1. March 12, 1993: Mumbai bombings were a series of thirteen bomb explosions that took place in Mumbai). The single-day attacks resulted in up to 250 civilian fatalities and 700 injuries.
  2. April 14, 2006: Twin blasts took place in Delhi’s Jama Masjid injuring at least 13 people on Friday evening at around 1730 hrs IST.
  3. September 8, 2006: 31 killed, 297 injured in Friday’s twin bomb blast in Malegaon.
  4. November 23, 2007: Multiple blasts in Faizabad, Varanasi, Lucknow within five minutes of each other killing at least 12 people in Uttar Pradesh.
  5. May 18, 2007: Eleven people were killed and more than 50 others injured in a bomb explosion inside Mecca Mosque located near the historic Charminar in Hyderabad.

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  1. nabeel says:

    its unfortunate to see such things happening in bangalore.
    i think ppl have a very short term memory,they forget everything and just move on with their day to day life.

    i hope such things wont happen in the future.

    God bless everyone

  2. Rajbir says:

    this is shit !

  3. Ajay says:

    don’t know why this is happening ? don’t have have something else to do ?

  4. shruthi says:

    is god really there? if he is there then y is all this happening? y have v become so helpless?god please save our nation, please save our world…..

  5. asim says:

    Donno why all this to prove what .. at this stage what comes to my mind
    this is not a good thing on bangalore name .. bangalore is always seen as a Quite and friendly place to be ..and as i know bangaloreans will never get involved in chep things like this .. Bangalore has always been a prosparous city .and the people there are enuf educated to find reasons instead of jumping to conclusions.well Guys KEEP UR COOL its a PLANNED Thing and let the plan Fail to who ever has done it and what ever his /hers plan is ..