Are Paid Links Evil in Real?

I got a mail this morning asking Are Paid Links Evil ?

In my personal view Paid Links are not at all Evil….If they are bought to get some traffic .. not to pass PageRank.

I had already discussed in my earlier article Exchanging Links Just a SEO Mistake, exchanging links with a website just to get PR or backlinks is what Google Hate.

You can exchange links or buy links on a website from where you can get some traffic. Also if you have a website and you want to sell links .. sell it to some one having website nearly the same topic of your website. (i.e… If you have a Word Tour and Travel Website You can sell Links to Delhi Tour and Travel Website).

Use your mind from what type of website you can get some quality traffic ??

Ofcource from a website which is related to the topic of your website.

As right now I’m on a blog where the blogger claims to fool google here is what exactly he says:

People use words like, ADVERTISERS, SPONSORS, FEATURED, ADS, PARTNERS and other terms related to Advertisers. If you will use ‘Different’ Titles for these ads. Like RELATED LINKS, NICE SITES, RESOURCES, and so on. You can also Use Image instead of titles as we all know that bots cant read images.

Always remember Google is More Advance then its users .. 😉

rel=”nofollow” attribute can be used if you want to advertise for the links not related to your website topic.

If You have more query regarding this topic just leave a comment and i will try to reply it at my earliest .. 😉

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  1. John says:

    where to report paid links ?

  2. Ankit says:

    Check out my post:
    How to Report spam in Google Index

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  6. Jaymoon says:

    My point of view may differ from the other’s, but anyway I have may things to say on this subject. First, everything here is true. Second, check the information first, then comment it

  7. Ankit says:

    >> I have may things to say on this subject.
    Feel free to comment !!

    >> check the information first, then comment it !!
    What info you talking about here !

  8. Puneet says:

    But still many prefer to have paid dir links … as still there are few paid dirs giving quality backlink to out site 😉

    like clush dir (not much expensive too)