Apple iPad 2 – The Plus And Minus Factors

The iPad 2 will fill the space between notebooks and smart-phones. The smart phones deliver the ultimate portability along with a camera feature and call ability.

The notebooks deliver some great computing power with the expectation of portability when talking about screen sizes of 10-15 inches. I’ve been using iPad since it first came out around one year ago. I mostly use it to fill in the gaps when I need to waste some time, like on long train rides, at airports, or boring meetings. It can really be a life saver then.

I am truly impressed with the device overall, and all its many uses. It has really made life much easier for me. It also makes me more productive as an individual, while enabling me to have much more fun than I did with my old one. I say toss your old gadgets away and grab this wonderful new product.

Another way of using the iPad 2 is to read ebooks. You can read a book from anywhere, in your bed, at work, at school, or in the park. You can find some good magazines to read as well. You can locate the ‘hard to find’ magazines and books. This tablet has been upgraded in how you’re able to browse the world wide web. You’re going to miss Flash, but the web experience you’ll have is more fun and much faster.

This is because of the new iPad 2 Apps for Twitter, Facebook, or Stumbleupon. These operate much faster here than in Windows. The old 9.7″ screen will stay the same, but improvements have been made to the graphics as much as nine times better.

Now this is a truly innovative product, but I have to state some of the things I’m not impressed with about this latest Apple tablet. It’s the size and the weight that bother me. They’re really easy to drop, and are very heavy due to the outstanding battery. A case is a ‘must-have’ for an iPad 2, especially if you want to keep it more than just a few months.

iPad 2 is going to be your favorite portable device. It’s going to replace your GPS, your Calendar, old magazines and books, your mp3 player, your net-book or laptop, and finally your smart phone. These new features it’s supposed to have are going to make this product extremely attractive.

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