Apple iPad 2 – A Review

For anyone looking for a new mobile media gadget they need to have a look at this new Apple ‘iPad 2’. In this article we’ll give a review of the upgrades and offer some opinions about whether this would be a worth purchase or not.

Here are five major differences in this new iPad 2:

Speed – Apple upgraded the processor, and it now has a dual-core A5 processor, with 512MB of RAM. It’s twice as fast as the original. So opening up applications and their running speed has been well enhanced. It also means that this device is able to handle more advanced software.

Size – This new iPad is a lot thinner, by as much as 33%, and therefore lighter too. This means it easier to hold and to carry around. If you need to use it for a long time, it will be more comfortable and easier for use. Its screen size is still the same.

Apps – Apple has added two additional apps to their package. These are iMovie and Garageband. The Garageband is a great way of creating music or using like a backup band for practicing your own music, and having fun. iMovie is a new video editing and making software, and is really a winner for people interested in making and editing their own home movies. The Garageband software is compatible with the old iPad, but iMovie isn’t.

Case – The iPad 2 has its own case, and they’ve called it the ‘Smart Cover’. It’s very user-friendly and will cover the front of your device when you aren’t using it. When you open it, your device will wake up, and when you close it, it goes to sleep. To access this device for use you just fold that front cover over to the back.

FaceTime – This iPad now comes with cameras in the front and in the back as well. The camera in the front can be used for shooting stills and for video, while the back camera is video only. The new back camera captures 720p HD video. These cameras make things very good for people making video calls or taking self portraits. At this time, unfortunately, there’s only compatibility with Skype and FaceTime, but I don’t believe it will be very long before we see more additional video conferencing apps than we can use.

To sum it all up, I can say that the Apple iPad 2 is a much better product and has undergone a significant upgrade. Many people are going to want it, and will like it.

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