An Overview of The iPad 2

Although the launching of the iPad 2 can’t be deemed a ‘path-taking’ event like the original iPad, many people still gathered to grab their iPad 2 during the launch. Some experts say it fell short of many expectations, with a few features being absent, like Retina Display, expandable memory, support 4G, and a new micro USB port. But one thing can’t be denied, it truly is much faster.

It has a 30% increase in its speed for writing data and reading, and the wait time involved for it to access memory has been lowered. The downloading speed is much faster too. The performance of its Safari browser has been enhanced due to the upgrade on its iOS. Then they fine tuned its engine, one that interprets Javascript Code, causing the browsing speed to increase significantly.

The thing most users appreciate is the sleek appearance of iPad 2. It’s like holding a small piece of paper, not a tablet computer. The thickness is a mere 1/3″. The speaker was moved to the back to give it a more solid, thick tone. It was located on the bottom edge on the original. The buttons are still very similar to the original iPad.

It’s dual-core 1GHz A5 chip is twice as fast as the original iPad. It’s graphical processing unit was upgraded as well. The cameras face both the back and the front. It has an IPS display of 1024×768 with an LED back-light. The overall size of iPad 2 is 7.3″ by 9.5″ by 0.34 making it very lightweight, about 1.3 pounds.

The iPad 2 has been given a new Digital AV Adapter to help with getting HDMI support. The adapter is usable on both iPads, the iPod Touch and the iPhone. One major feature of the iPad 2 is its ability to support a solid output of 1080p. This makes for a great experience when you watch your HDTV, or stream Netflix, or play a digital video.

FaceTime is yet another very nice feature that has been added, along with the new cameras. The camera quality is very good, even when using it for video conferencing.

A few other features are the accelerometer, the compass, and the gyroscope. Aside from having the dual processor and having the graphic processor upgraded, the new battery put in can support 10 hours of activities, along with a total standby time of around one month.

So while you can’t really hail this gadget as impeccable, it is kind of amazing. There may be a couple of missing features, but that doesn’t diminish what it does deliver. It has many advantages and is a good solid product by any standards. Any time you can get faster downloading and browsing you’ve come ahead. The iPad two brings you that and much more, and it has the backing of a great brand in Apple.

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