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Okay first let me make it clear to all of you that Alexa Rankings are useless .. and i think those who don’t believe me will be able to know about this there self once having a look into this post !!

Alexa shows the data it gets from peoples who browse using Alexa toolbar !! Thats the reason Google.Com is not #1 on Alexa rankings !!

So here we go if you want to get some good alexa ranks .. Download Alexa Toolbar and simply install it on your Internet Explorer.

Disclaimer: I’m not the original author of this script .. I got this script on SitePoint and the Orignal owner of this script is KLB. I’m providing this tool so as to make it clear to every one that Alexa Rank is nothing but is useless .. I wish if someone will ask you about this tool you will share this for free and will also not use this tool to do fraud and will not use this tool on others website.

Copy and Paste the below Alexa Booster code into notepad file and save as something.html. So here is the Alexa Booster Code :

	<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2" type="text/javascript"><!--
		function reload(){
			var strI=document.stored.Arrayvalue.value;
			var str = new Array(20);
			// insert target URLs between quote marks in array items below.
			// To add or remove the total number items in the array, add
			// lines to or remove lines from the array below and
			// modify the number in "Array()" above and "strI" below to
			// be one greater than the last "str[]" value below.
			str[1]   = "";
			str[2]   = "";
			str[3]   = "";
			str[4]   = "";
			str[5]   = "";
			str[6]   = "";
			str[7]   = "";
			str[8]   = "";
			str[9]   = "";
			str[10]  = "";
			str[11]  = "";
			str[12]  = "";
			str[13]  = "";
			str[14]  = "";
			str[15]  = "";
			str[16]  = "";
			str[17]  = "";
			str[18]  = "";
			str[19]  = "";

				if( strI==20){
				document.stored.Arrayvalue.value= strI;
				var intNumber=Math.round(Math.random()*45000);

</head><body onload="reload();">
	<form name="stored"><input type="Text" name="Arrayvalue" value="1"></form>

Source: SitePoint

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  1. services says:

    thank you i will defiently try this code and let you know about this thank you once again

  2. Ankit says:

    This is a working code …. it is recommended to use this script within limits .. I got some mails asking why m not using this script in raising my Alexa script … well for those my answer is i simply don’t have time to waste on alexa 😉 !!!

  3. kj malc says:


    I came across with this site and found this code, Thanks…

    But how about google, this script won’t harm google for your site or it’s okay with google rather?

  4. Ankit says:

    In my personal view this script might be harmful for your google adsense as it gives fake impressions !!

  5. Vietnix says:

    Does this code still work? I see the post date from 2004

  6. Ankit says:

    Yups working code till date !!

  7. mark says:

    Interesting script, but like many, we don’t care about Alexa ranks.

  8. DucMai says:

    Oh, this code is bad

  9. vTux says:

    Gà quá em yêu ?i !!!

  10. VividEye says:

    Let me give this script a try.

  11. asim says:

    I will try this script but fisrt i have to replace ads on my website .

  12. jack says:

    so how do you implement this onto the toolbar??

  13. forums says:

    code not working

  14. finderonly says:

    code not working

  15. someone says:

    where should we put this code text file?into the server of our website which is hosted?can anyone tell me clearly please?is it still working?

  16. Yanzen says:

    Nice info. thxs for share this trick

  17. kmdhws says:

    Can a Proxy list array be easily hooked up to alexa booster?


  18. erlangga says:

    how to use it to my blog???where i have to put this code??

  19. david says:

    I have heared of something called alexabooster. Any information?

  20. kanwal says:

    its works goods. thanx

  21. youtube giri? says:

    Yups working code till date…

  22. Poze Nunti says:

    But it’s still working ?
    And what about a quicker way to raise your trafic ?

  23. Crispytube says:

    How to use this code ?

  24. web design says:

    Seems to working for me…

  25. Jim says:

    Does this script work?

    I sell a similar desktop application for alexa ranking.