A Review of Apple’s iPad 2 And Its Usability Improvements

This is Apple’s second generation iPad, the iPad 2, and it aims at furthering the increase in standards among the very lucrative and competitive market of tablet computers. These improvements have been concentrated on specific areas, like aesthetics, usability, and technology.

Usability Improvements – iPad 2 has an iOS 4.3 that is also is available for the iPad 1 and the iPhone upgrades. This newer version of the Apple OS come with a faster capability for internet browsing. This is due to the Safari browser, and the iTunes Home Sharing, and enables you to transfer and steam music along with videos between as many as five computers attached to your network, and your personal Hotspot. This allows your iPad 2 to share a connection with an iPhone 4 over a Wi-Fi connection.

They’ve also added Photo Booth. This lets users apply a visual effect to their photos, like Kaleidoscope, Squeeze, and Twirl. It works on pictures that are taken either from an integrated camera or from an imported external device.

Color Options – A new white iPad 2 has been made available along with the standard black. To understand if Apple has learned anything from past manufacturing issues remains to be seen. But I think having this white version is definitely a step in the right direction. This option is going to be available at launch time, unlike the way they offered it with the iPhone 4.

Improved Design – While the iPad 2 is aesthetically unmistakable as an iPad, this second generation device will be sporting a whole new design. It will come with a much thinner design than the original, by as much as 33%, bringing it to a mere 0.34 inches (8.8mm). It will also be 15% lighter coming in at around 1.33 pounds (601g). They have used a new metal alloy for the casing, and now this tablet resembles other ‘all in one’ uni-body constructions like the ones you see with MacBook Pro and the iMac computers. This lends it a more durable feel than the earlier version or any of its main competitors.

In spite of Motorola and Samsung coming out with their own versions of tablet products, the new second generation device from Apple introduces a very compact, high quality product, that is packed with more features and enhance usability.

The ipad 2 comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, with the option of 3G contact-free use, and appropriate micro SIM cards. Every basic version offered has the capacity for 16GB, and 32GB, and 64GB. But the 3G iPad 2 has an inclusive mobile data plan available that works with various network providers.

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