5 Pitfalls In Choosing An Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing has become one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Without the need to have your own product and handle the customer service, it is also one of the easiest ways.

But you don’t want to waste your time and effort on an affiliate program that isn’t going to make you any money.

But it is more than that because when you recommend a product you are also putting your name and reputation on the line.

So how do you know if the affiliate program you have chosen to promote is the right one for you?

Here are five things that you need to look for, and avoid, when searching out an affiliate program to promote.

  1. You don’t want an affiliate program that is going to compete with you. If the product owner is heavily marketing his product using the same methods that affiliates are using, then the affiliates are going to lose out every time. Remember, there is no commission coming out of his sales, so he can afford to spend more money on the paid methods of advertising than an affiliate can and still make a profit. You want to look for a program that aids the affiliates, not one that tries to undercut them.
  2. Low payouts. Small commissions, whether a low percentage or even a high percentage on a low priced product, make it very difficult for an affiliate to make a profit on a promotion. Obviously, the higher the payout the more an affiliate can afford to spend on marketing and still make a profit. Even if you concentrate on free marketing methods, your time is worth something, make sure the program pays enough to make it worthwhile.
  3. Outdated statistics. To effectively market a product you need to know up to date statistics like conversion rates. If a program provides you with statistics that are old, or statistics that you aren’t sure are accurate, you should avoid it.
  4. Bad support. If you email the product owner a question and it has been days and you still haven’t received a reply, you probably want to continue your search elsewhere. While we all want immediate response to our questions, that isn’t really possible. However, you should receive an answer within 24 hours. And if you aren’t getting good support, the customers who have purchased the product probably aren’t getting good support either.
  5. Nothing to make your affiliate marketing easier. A good affiliate program will provide you with all of the tools to make marketing the product a lot easier. They should provide things like ads, banners, emails, and keyword lists. If the affiliate program isn’t providing any of these, it most likely isn’t worth promoting.

Affiliate Marketing can be fun and, more importantly, financially rewarding. Keep these five things in mind and avoid them at all costs. You are going to be putting a lot of time into your affiliate marketing efforts so don’t make it harder on yourself before you even start.

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